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Brigid Brannagh: ‘Army Wives’ Kind of Preparing for the End

Brigid Brannagh, Christine Scott Bennett, Sean Patrick Flanery Hallmark Channel photo

Even though Lifetime has reupped “Army Wives” for a sixth season, wife Pamela Moran — Brigid Brannagh — admits, “At this point, we’re kind of preparing for the end, because we never know what’s happening.  Everyone is sort of seeing their own end of it.”

The beautiful red-haired actress has decidedly mixed feelings about that.  She’s proud of the show and happy doing it, but for her, it’s meant long spells of time apart from her  husband, Justin Lyons.  He comes to visit her on South Carolina location a week at a time during production, she says.  “I actually don’t travel back and forth too much, because we’re essentially on call.”  Still, she’s traveled enough to be familiar with the Charleston airport, “which is such a small airport and subject to so much weather, there are a lot of delays.  I’ve sat out at a curb in not a great mood too many times.”

Brannagh is clear that when “Wives” does get decommissioned, “I’m definitely interested in doing things somewhat locally for the sake of quality of life, peace of mind and sanity.”

Over her last hiatus, she doubled up making the independent comedy “Not That Funny” and the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “A Crush on You.”  The latter, airing Saturday (6/11), has Brannagh in a genial romantic tale involving mistaken email identities.  Sean Patrick Flanery, Michael Clarke Duncan and Christine Scott Bennett round out the cast of the romp, directed by Allison Anders.

Brannagh’s single mom character leads a fairly chaotic life and is a bit on the disheveled side — until a makeover sequence.  She says she was right at home in the “before” parts.  “One of the first things I appreciated about this character is that she’s a disaster, emotionally as well as on the outside,” she says.  “I’m not sure every actress on the planet would be willing to just go there — ‘Make me dowdy, frizz out my hair, make it awkward.’  But for me, it was a nice break.  Especially now with HD, people are constantly primping you, because every detail is so noticeable.  Quite honestly, that stuff drives me nuts.”

Brigid Brannagh Lifetime photo

MEANWHILE:  Their series focuses on those who keep the home fires burning while their mates are off to war, but Brannagh and “Army Wives” cast mate Terry Serpico just came back from visiting the front lines themselves.  “We did a USO tour of Afghanistan.  It’s amazing,” Brannagh declares.

“These soldiers were so incredibly grateful we were there.  It’s actually surprising.  Their wives watch the show.  They’d hand me a phone and say, ‘Say hello to my wife.’  It was really a connection from home.”

The actress found Afghanistan tougher than she’d imagined, she says, “sleeping less than you think, everyone walking around with M16s.”   She was impressed by “how much they care about educating people and making a difference.  They have a lot more savvy, a lot more thought, a lot more conscience than people realize.”

Brannagh says, in fact, “The best thing I’ve gotten out of all the last five years is a much better understanding of those who serve our country, who they are and why they do it.”