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‘The River’s’ Paul Blackthorne Claims He Can’t Stand Scary Movies

Paul Blackthorne ABC photo

ABC’s promising “The River” chiller, from the creators of “Paranormal Activity,” features handsome and charismatic British actor Paul Blackthorne.  Ironically, Blackthorne confesses, “I absolutely can’t bear the idea of watching anything scary.  I used to get nightmares from ‘Dr. Who’ — hiding behind the couch watching that,” he says, possibly not 100 per cent serious. 

He plays the crafty reality TV producer who volunteers to take a missing adventurer’s (Bruce Greenwood) family on a search into the Amazon jungle to find him — if he can document the whole thing for a show. 

Blackthorne says he had some fun with his part when they shot the first season (the show premieres Feb. 7) in Hawaii.  “Playing a reality show producer who has a mission besides their search, he’s obviously trying to create a lot of conflict and drama for their show.  But the game changes when things start to go bump in the night.” 

Filming found them “digging holes in the ground in the middle of
the night” and such, but Blackthorne says he loved it.  “In the paranormal world, all sorts of strange things can happen, can’t they?” he notes archly. 

“They’ve come up with all sorts of amazing twists and turns already.”

MEANWHILE:  Speaking of reality, Blackthorne is currently editing a documentary of his own, “American Crossroads.”  He and an Australian buddy (Mister Basquaili, a famed Australian photographer) road tripped across theU.S.A.right after the 2008 economic collapse, talking to everyday folks from farmers to preachers, cowboys to folk singers about the state ofAmerica.  What did they find out there?  “The optimism and basic hope people do have, in spite of the country’s state at the moment,” he replies. “People have that in common regardless of background.”  Nice to know.