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Pasty Faces Galore in New Robert Pattinson Film

While Robert Pattinson is busy celebrating the box office bonanza of  “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” there’s also work to be done.  He’s in the midst of shooting “Water for Elephants” with Reese Witherspoon, which has been locationing in downtown L.A. the last couple of days with at least some cast members who apparently share Edward Cullen’s pasty pallor.

Forces on the film have been seeking proficient Foxtrot dancers who are not only Caucasian, but “very, very pale – not a suntan at all,” who are thin, with no implants and no piercings, according to casting notices.  There was also the need for a very pale cigarette girl, and a very pale man with a 32-inch waist.  The pallid faces and thinness have nothing to do with vampires on this movie, of course.  Based on Sara Gruen’s acclaimed novel, it is set in the 1930’s Great Depression and, as notices remind, “nobody’s doing well.”

MORE THAN A PARTY:  Happy Independence Day to one and all, and a thoughtful note from Jimmy Smits, who is hosting the 30th Annual “A Capitol 4th” event being carried on PBS from the nation’s Capitol.  After performances from the likes of David Archuleta, Reba McEntire and Gladys Knight, the show ends with a phantasmagoria of fireworks.  “To have this fireworks display in Washington, D.C. is so moving because of the backdrops of the national monuments,” notes Smits.  “Being that we’re in a time of conflict and having young people serving and protecting us, to me, it kind of focuses what it is that the fireworks represent for the country.”

THE INDUSTRY EYE:  Tricky casting challenge on Gavin Polone’s movie showing the behind-the-scenes drama of making 1973’s landmark “An American Family” documentary series.  They need to find an actor who can play Dick Cavett in that  era when he was the intellectual choice for late night viewing.  Lance Loud – being portrayed by Thomas Dekker in the movie – notoriously guested on the old Cavett show.  Diane Lane and Tim Robbins play Lance’s parents.