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‘House’ Finale Nostalgia Time for Hugh Laurie, David Shore

Hugh Laurie and David Shore

 Hugh Laurie has taken the lead in putting together the special hour-long “House M.D.” retrospective that will air on Fox Monday night (5/21) — the same night as the highly-anticipated series finale.  That’s the word from Emmy-winning show creator and executive producer David Shore, who tells us the star has been “locked up in a room trying to put it together….It’s very nostalgic, looking at the stuff.  And saying goodbye to everybody, that’s very nostalgic.”

Shore says he is enjoying the fan and media anticipation — and also feeling an enormous amount of pressure — as “House” followers try to figure out what’s going to happen  in the very last episode, provocatively titled “Everybody Dies.”

“It’s cool to go out while people are this excited about it,” he notes.  And of that finale:  “I think the fans will like it, but it is the type of thing that, no matter what you do, you’re going to have some people disappointed.  I think it’s an ending that’s consistent with what we’ve done and I’m very proud of it.”

Has there ever been talk of a feature?

“There really hasn’t been.  The ending is the ending; it’s designed as an ending,” he says.

Considering that misanthropic doctor Greg House is one of the most acclaimed and indelible characters ever to traipse around the TV landscape, will a “House” artifact be housed in the Smithsonian?

Shore replies:  “I would love to have something like that happen, and we’ve been discussing things like that.”

The cane with the flames?

“I think you could have a collection of canes, as far as I’m concerned.  It’s the defining feature of that character.”

Shore tells us that Laurie’s mood has been good in these final days leading to the last show.  He adds, however, “I always feel like the correct response is, ‘We’re all really sad.’  There is an element of that, but also, I feel by saying that I’m being an incredible ingrate.  From my personal point of view, and I think Hugh shares it, the success of this has been beyond our wildest dreams.  To be looking for more would be ungrateful.”

As far as his next projects,  Shore says, “I don’t know yet what I’m going to do.  I will not be looking to simply replicate ‘House,’ of course, but I am who I am.  There’s going to be some similarities.”

What he does know for sure is, he’ll view the finale with his wife and kids and his writers and their spouses.  “All the writers are going to get together and get drunk,” he says.

MAN OF MANY FACES:  With around 100 celebrity impressions in his repertoire (from Larry the Cable Guy to Lady Gaga), Jeff Tracta headlines with his “An Impressionable Journey Through The Decades” show at the Palms Casino Resort’s Pearl Theater in Las Vegas, Thursday through Sunday (5/17-20).  The mighty morphing man keeps upping the ante, so to speak, with the way he integrates multi-media technology into his act.  He used 57 different music tracks to blend instruments and vocals for his recording of LMFAO’s hit song “Party Rock” for a music video — in which he performed all the instruments using only his mouth.  Tracta’s also known for his Black Eyes Peas impression, “becoming” each member of the group — including Fergie — in his multi-media concerts.

Celebs who’ve enjoyed his impressions include Liza Minnelli, who liked Tracta enough to invite him to her birthday party, where he performed for her famous friends.  Last year, the former “Bold and the Beautiful” actor was a special guest on the bill with pal Liza during her stand at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.