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Wild Times Ahead on ‘Hung’ for Actress/Comic Jill Jacobson

Jill Jacobson

“People assume that I’m one of the ladies who have sex with Thomas Jane,” reports actress and comedian Jill Jacobson, speaking of her upcoming role on HBO’s “Hung.”  “Everyone’s confused.  My relatives in New York are going, ‘You’re too young to be Thomas Jane’s mother’…’What do you mean you’re the pimp’s mother?’  Nothing is making sense.  I just say, ‘Watch the show and you’ll see.” 

 In fact, Jacobson and Jay Thomas are playing the parents of scheming, greedy Sandee (Analeigh Tipton) in the cliffhanger season finale episode coming up Dec. 4.  “We’re total clowns.  It’s insanity, insanity.  I’m not sure the producers thought we would go as far as we did comedically, but Jay is fearless.”

Jacobson adds,  “I love that guy to pieces.  He said, ‘We’re really close now, but three months down the line, we may forget about each other.’  Well, I’m not going to forget.  It was one of those things where you bond with someone in a short period of time.”

As for what they were called upon to do, she stresses, “I don’t want to give anything away” — but notes cryptically that her part with Jay has nothing to do with the storyline about Sandee and gigolo Jason (Stephen Amell).

When she’s not doing whatever she’s doing with Jay, Jacobson is often doing standup gigs around the country.  She derives humor from the fact, “I’m a cougar, an overt cougar, and I’m a Jew from Texas.”  As far as she’s concerned, “You don’t get any higher than making people laugh.”