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GEORGE HAMILTON: Why Failure is Valuable

George Hamilton

George Hamilton

Veteran actor George Hamilton tells us he may be getting older, but these are some of his best years and he’s learning more about himself than ever.  “I’m only 70, for God’s sake,” he notes with a laugh.  “I’m producing movies.  I’m doing a series with my son.  It’s all good,” claims Hamilton.  (Originally published Sept. 5, 2009.)

“My mother taught me to expect good things to happen for yourself and know you’ll be supported.  You don’t have to be afraid of struggling.  I don’t have that fear.  Struggle will come to teach you things.  The things that failed were the only things that ever gave me lessons.  The successes were too easy,” he tells us.  “All of the failures taught me humility and how to relate to people, and the more I relate to people, the more people relate to me.”

That’s one thing in life Hamilton is most proud of.

“I started off with a very aloof image, but it was all just an image – it wasn’t me.  As I peel off those little layers and become more human, people relate to me more.  You then become more accessible and more popular.”  And in the case of Hamilton, more tan!

A DIFFERENT PATH:  Angela Simmons, whose uncle is uber famous music mogul Russell Simmons and dad is Rev Run from the legendary hip-hop group Run DMC, tells us music may run in her family, but she has no desire to follow in those footsteps.  “That’s some big shoes to fill if you want to get into the music career.  Because we’re our father’s children, people are going to be a lot more critical so that’s something you’ve got to have some really tough skin for,” says Simmons, whose younger brother Jojo is an aspiring rapper.  “I like music a lot and I think it’s fun.  I’ll go in the studio for fun to write and play, but I think we’re going to leave that to Jojo and the rest of the family.”

SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT: Vocalists extraordinaire Manhattan Transfer will be treating the crowd at the Sept. 11  Society of Singers benefit to some surprises, with tunes from their at “Chick Corea Songbook” album that won’t be released until month’s end.  That’s according to the group’s Cheryl Bentyne, who adds they’ll also be singing faves like  “Operator,” “Birdland,” and “Route 66” — as well as some Latin numbers from their “Brasil” album.  The benefit, at North Hollywood’s El Portal Theatre, also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the organization that offers comprehensive services to meet emergency financial needs of professional singers world wide. “Manhattan Transfer has represented the state-of-the-art in vocal music for as long as the Society of Singers has existed,” says S.O.S. chieftain Jerry Sharell, “so we are honored that they’ve agreed to help us celebrate this important anniversary.”

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster