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Tim Hutton Combining Work and Fatherhood

Timothy Hutton "Leverage"

Timothy Hutton "Leverage"

Timothy Hutton, in the midst of filming his second season of TNT’s “Leverage” in Portland, Oregon, is combining business with fatherhood.

His seven-year-old son Milo, by Hutton’s current wife, French illustrator Aurore Giscard d’Estaing, attends school in Paris, but will be spending the summer with his dad in Portland. So will 22-year-old son Noah, Tim’s son by actress Debra Winger. Noah has just graduated college as an art history major. According to Tim, Milo wants to be Indiana Jones. Neither son has any interest in acting — and Tim might not be too disappointed about that.

As the son of the late actor Jim Hutton, Tim learned early “That an acting career has a lot of ups and down. You make a movie that does well, but then, unexpectedly, a rough spot comes along.”

He, of course, couldn’t have hit it much bigger than he did when he received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar at age 20 for his remarkable work as Conrad Jarrett in “Ordinary People.” Within the next few years, he would star in such hit films as “Taps” and “The Falcon and the Snowman.” But there was also the 1983 “Daniel” for Sidney Lumet. “That was a great movie, but no one seemed to want to see it. It’s one of the things in this business you can’t control, but you have to move on.” And move on Hutton has.

Since “Ordinary People,” he has been featured in 36 features, starred in three TV series and has been in dozens of television movies and specials.

“There’s as lot you can’t do anything about,” notes Hutton. “You never know when a rough patch is coming. You’ve just got to keep yourself ready, and maintain a good work ethic.”

Handy advice to his sons — regardless of whatever career they choose to follow.