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‘Who’s Still Standing’ Producer Offers to Host Presidential Debate

Ben Bailey NBC photo

If you’ve seen the promos for NBC’s “‘Who’s Still Standing?” you already know the central feature of the trivia challenge show that debuts with a marathon beginning Monday (12/19).  Answer incorrectly, and you drop through the floor. 

“This show originated in Israel and has gone on to be a hit in other countries.  It came to the attention of NBC and was pitched to me along with one of the most hilarious reels I’ve ever seen,” enthuses Executive Producer Craig Plestis. 

Plestis says he sat in on the editing sessions of the first nine installments of his “Who’s Still Standing?” and watched contestants dropping through the floor again and again.  “I couldn’t get enough.  It just never gets old.”  Asked where contestants go after dropping through the floor, Plestis replies, “They disappear forever.” 

Ben Bailey of “Cash Cab” hosts, and Plestis notes, “We’re really lucky he loved the format.  He’s professional, extremely funny, a two-time Emmy winner.  There’s a bit of magic with Ben and this show — the same way it felt when Howie Mandel started with ‘Deal or No Deal.”

According to him, in Israel, “they have different questions, obviously.  They have more political questions than we do.  Our show has more pop culture questions.” 

 More political?  That brings up a great idea. 

“‘Who’s Still Standing’ would be more than happy to host a Presidential debate any time,” Plestis says.