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‘Blue Mountain State’s’ Darin Brooks Compares Comedic and Dramatic Sex Scenes

Darin Brooks Spike TV photo

Another parade of real-life famous sports personalities will be appearing on Spike’s “Blue Mountain State” raunch fest in Season 2, which gets underway tonight – including players from “the Bengals, the Jets, the Broncos…We have Brian Bosworth, Bill Parcells…” reports the series’ Darin Brooks. Also, from the wrestling world, “We have Stacy Keibler and Chuck Liddell. We’re reaching out to the women a little bit.”

Brooks acknowledges, “By the time you’re done filming, you should probably be ashamed of yourself. I should be ashamed of myself. My mother is a little bit. To be honest, a lot of my friends Facebook me and say: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this.’ Some of the scenes from last year are just obscene.”

However, he adds with a laugh, “It’s fun, it’s TV, you’ve got half-naked guys and girls running around.”

This season has Denise Richards as the ex-wife of Ed Marinaro’s coach character. At one point, handsome Brooks winds up with her – he in his underwear, she in a cheerleading outfit. “She was really game. We had a great time. You get a little nervous, a little self-conscious, with 40 people watching you, but it’s all good,” he says.

The former “Days of Our Lives” cast member points out that “With comedy, you have a lot more leeway and it’s a different experience than with drama. When it’s very dramatic and passionate, you’re opening up that part of yourself and relaying it through the camera…With this, the more dramatic we make it, the more funny it will be.”

Mom Hates Alan Ritchson’s Raunchy Character, But Fans Can’t Get Enough of Terrible Thad

Go figure.  Alan Ritchson played a super hero (Aquaman) in the past – but it’s Thad Castle, his appalling, out-of-control bully of a college football star in Spike’s raunchy “Blue Mountain State” series, that’s bringing him his most avid fans.

The actor admits “I was kind of worried, going in, what playing the villainous a—–e of the show would do to me.  Thad started as an afterthought because they needed a villain for the pilot, but everyone started enjoying so much what Thad is about, they kept writing more of him.  I think people are really taken with Thad and have a lot of love for the character.  Any time I go around a bar, frat house or party town I get a lot of people approaching me.”

Then there are those who are not taken with Thad, the worst of the oversexed, hard-partying bunch on the show that’s been likened to “Animal House” and “Porky’s” – only worse.

“My mom’s never watched the show,” confesses Ritchson, who’s nearing the end of production of Season 2 in Montreal.  “My mom hopes Thad dies in a car crash.  She’s not a fan of the show.  That’s fine.  She’s not the only one who doesn’t want the kind of content we offer.  But my Dad loves it.  She won’t let it in the house, so he goes to his buddies’ for ‘Blue Mountain State’ nights and they all die laughing.  Even in my own family – my own home back in Florida – this is happening.  There is no middle ground with this show.”

Thad is known for his frequent homoerotic escapades.  What does Ritchson think of the fact “Blue Mountain State” has attracted a gay audience?

“It’s definitely known to us and to Spike and Lions Gate that there’s a large gay following,” he says of the series’ team, channel and production company.  “They were pleased to find that out, pleased to find a new audience.  You know with a Spike show, it’s the network for guys, 18-35, but we’ve expanded beyond that.  Because of Ed Marinaro being on the show, we’re getting his following — older guys, 50 and 60 who love the show.  And girlfriends of guys watch the show, which was sort of the most surprising.”

We’re betting these girls have ulterior motives.