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Joanna Cassidy Braves World’s Worst Commute, Gets Her Snake Dance On

If the thought of having to travel by plane this month is making you cringe, well, at least you don’t have to commute back and forth between Los Angeles and Halifax, Nova Scotia for work. That’s the lot in life for Joanna Cassidy these days, but the actress isn’t complaining — at least, not too much — as she’s enjoying splitting her time between her roles on ABC’s “Body of Proof” and Canada’s “Call Me Fitz” comedy that airs on HBO.

 “This will be my fourth trip, coming up, and it’s no easy journey, let me tell you,” she notes of the 12-hour trek.  “You have to fly into Toronto, then go on to Halifax and there are always layovers and planes that get cancelled and whatever.”

 But there is much to brighten her spirits.  “The year we’re doing now is going to be more spectacular than ever, wonderfully funny,” she says of “Fitz.”  And as far as “Body of Proof,” on which she plays a judge who is also the mother of Dana Delany’s character, she says, “I love it because it’s real mother and daughter stuff,  They’re two strong, independent women who love each other deeply but have major issues with each other.”

 MEANWHILE:  Fans of “Blade Runner” can look forward to something fun in conjunction with the movie’s 30th anniversary.  Joanna, who played exotic dancer replicant Zhora in the movie that still retains a cult following, notes, “It was a hard film to work on because we did all night shooting, but it was such a joy.  I mean, I have never had as much fun on a film, ever.  The only thing that we didn’t do — which was something that is going to be resolved — is, we never got to do the snake dance.”

 Resolved?  “Well, you’ll see,” says the actress, who has produced a video to do just that.  “Watch You Tube, it’s going to be coming out soon.”  Five years ago, she recreated the scene of Zhora running through a glass wall – proving she could, in fact, do the stunt herself.  We were equally impressed that she was able to fit into the costume she’d worn 25 years earlier.



Dana Delany Wants Nathan Fillion Quid Pro Quo

Dana Delany good-naturedly “blames” Nathan Fillion for her casting as medical examiner Dr. Megan Hunt on her hit new “Body of Proof” series — since it was her appearance as an FBI agent on his “Castle” whodunnit that put her into the minds of her “Proof” producers last year.  Now she thinks Fillion should guest on “Body of Proof.”

“It’s quid pro quo — the perfect ABC cross-promotional opportunity,” she says. Such a guesting would have to wait awhile, since “Body of Proof” has already wrapped production of its first season.

When we spoke to the actress for AARP.org, she noted that whether “Body of Proof” works out or not, she’d be fine with the outcome, because there are plenty of other activities that spark her interest:

“I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life traveling.  I’d like to get back to New York and do more theater.  I like to do things that scare me; singing in public scares me, so I’d like to get over that fear.  I’d like to develop a quirky smaller type show for cable.  There are so many things I’d like to do.”

As it stands, “Body of Proof” will be keeping her busy, at least into the 2011-2012 season.