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Kim Raver: ‘My Life’s a Rubik’s Cube of Scheduling’

Kim Raver ABC photo

Kim Raver thought she’d be spending her “Grey’s Anatomy” hiatus soaking up family time with her husband and two sons – but says she found the lure of Lifetime’s “Bond of Silence’ movie irresistible. 

“It’s tricky.  I only have a short amount of time to spend with my family,” notes the actress, who plays real-life author Katy Hutchison in the telepic, airing tonight (8/23).  “But when I read Katy’s book, I was just so intrigued by the way she handled this tragedy in her life.  It was so unlike the norm, I wanted to play her.”

Hutchison’s husband was murdered when he tried to quiet down a wild teen party in their neighborhood – a case that took her five years and endless persistence to untangle. 

 “There was also this mystery of how her husband was killed and how this tight-knit community where they lived responded – how part of that community turned against her,” adds Raver of the case that actually took five years to solve and is well known in Squamish, British Columbia, where it took place.  The telefilm is set in Washington State and the names have been changed.

The actress, who’s been wed to French filmmaker Manu Boyer for eight years, considers it essential that their seven-year-old and two-year-old sons spend time with their French relatives each year.  They’re growing up bilingual, and “it’s really important they see my husband’s family in France,” she says.  She’s happy that even with “Bond of Silence” production, they were able to get to Europe for three weeks during her hiatus. 

“My life is a Rubik’s Cube of scheduling,” she says. 

With “Grey’s Anatomy” production moving right along into episode five for the coming season, Raver’s Dr. Teddy Altman is well into a new romance with James Tupper’s character.

Speaking of series creator Shonda Rimes and the relentlessly intense episode that ended last season – with a crazed gunman on a shooting rampage against hospital personnel he held responsible for his wife’s death — Raver says, “I think it was a genius move by Shonda and her team of writers, what they did with that finale.  It took all these characters that viewers know and love over six years and gave them somewhat of a rebirth.”  Raver feels the writers have been able to retain the core elements of the show that appeal to fans, yet make it fresh as the beleaguered medical team moves forward.  “To be able to find a way to do that in an interesting way is really rare,” she says.

Greg Grunberg Taking his App Global In-Between Acting Assignments

Greg Grunberg NBC photo

Sounds like Greg Grunberg’s activities as an entrepreneur could be about to eclipse his acting career, financially speaking.  The former “Heroes” star is going global with his Yowza!!  mobile coupon application.  He and his partners have been in huddles this week regarding their expansion into Canada, the U.K., Mexico, China, Korea and other countries.

“We bootstrapped it for a year,” he tells us.  “A friend in advertising helped us do advertising.  A friend in marketing helped us with the marketing.  Five million people are already using it, and now we’re getting bombarded by credit card companies, loyalty groups and investors.  We have to choose the right strategic partnerships.”

Which is not to say that Grunberg isn’t busy acting, too.  In fact, he has his midseason NBC “Love Bites” series, a new movie and a new made-for-television film coming up.  The latter is Monday’s (8/23) “Bond of Silence” on Lifetime.  It’s the true story of a woman (Kim Raver) whose husband goes to quiet down a loud neighborhood party and winds up dead – and none of the teens on site will talk about what happened.

“The entire community clammed up.  It was this mob mentality,” says Grunberg.  He plays a detective who is actually a composite of five investigators who worked on the famous case — which has a very unexpected ending.

Tuesday (8/24) sees the home video release of “Group Sex,” the comedy in which Grunberg stars with Tom Arnold, Lisa Lampanelli and Henry Winkler.  It has to do with a sex addiction group.  “The whole thing is outrageous, but it also tugs at you,” he says.

As for Yowza!! Grunberg points out, “We couldn’t do it without these amazing things people have created with the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.  Businesses like ours today are like, ‘I stumbled upon this gold in this hill.  Who is the best team to help me dig this out?’”

His free app allows users to find and use coupons for products they want, anytime, anywhere, including providing store directions and readable bar codes – no paper involved.  “It’s mom-proof.  I’m talking about my mom,” he says.  “She has to be able to click it and press it and get a coupon when she wants.”

Grunberg says he continually gets new product ideas, and entrepreneurship comes naturally to him.  “I’ve got it in my blood.  My father was in the solar energy business years ago.”