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Crystal Allen Hopes ‘Crooked Arrows’ Will Prove to be Litttle Indie that Could

Brandon Routh’s “Crooked Arrows” begins its release today – with a lot of people pulling for the indie feature that actress Crystal Allen calls “a very spiritual project.”

A tale about a team of Native American lacrosse players who challenge wealthy prep school teams, “it’s one of those underdog sports movies, a beautiful little story – and it’s more than that.  It’s different from any movie I’ve done, because of the Native American aspect of it.  They’re not recognized for lacrosse.  They started the sport.”  Notes Allen, “The people making this film have been working on it for 10 years.  They had it at the studios, and were told, ‘We’ll do it if you change the sport to baseball or football.’”  She learned to play lacrosse for the movie, and found “it’s a tough – tough – sport.”

According to Allen, the five week production in Boston included “hundreds of people – lacrosse players, coaches, people in stands.  It has a lot of heart in it.  Hopefully, people will catch on.”

There is, of course, the attraction of Routh.  “He’s so great, such a cutie, so tall – he’s Superman!’” declares Allen, who points out that “Twilight’s” Gil Birmingham is in the cast, too.  Familiar from the last two “Anaconda” features as well as TV movies and guestings on shows like “NCIS” and “Body of Proof,” Allen plays a teacher – and had to learn some native American dialect for her role.  “I stood there teaching them about their culture,” she says with a laugh.  “It was quite challenging to make it authentic.”