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Tabatha Coffey Mixes Her Fixes

Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha Coffey is considering putting her no-nonsense advice for fixing flagging businesses into a book, as a follow-up to her 2011 It’s Not Really About The Hair memoir.  The Australian dynamo with the platinum pixie cut admits she finds it hard to walk into any business without critiquing it, at least mentally.

“I have the philosophy: business is business — although every business has its own unique challenges,” notes the hairdresser.  Coffey is expanding her range on this season of her “Tabatha Takes Over” Bravo show (hence the title switch from “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover”).  She’ll be seen taking on fixer-uppers from a dog groomer to a bed and breakfast to a gay dance club on the latest cycle of her show.  She tells us, “Going into businesses other than salons, I see a lot more from the consumer’s point of view.  I can walk into a business and say, ‘Are you kidding?’  I think of the dance club.  ‘Are you kidding?  This is so out of date.  People go to clubs to have a drink and have fun.  You shouldn’t have rules that take the fun away.  You’re charging for things that shouldn’t be charged for, like water.  People will go somewhere else.'”  Her advice, she sums up, “Is common sense.  Sometimes people just avoid seeing the obvious.”

Coffey says she stays in touch with quite a few of the salon owner/operators who’ve been on the receiving end of her crash remakes in the show’s first three seasons, and mentions several whose shops are thriving.  “I’m kind of a proud mother.”