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Family Travail Gave Brooke Something to Sing About

Brooke Hogan, whose parents went through a bitter divorce, says some good has come out of the chaos.  For one, it helped inspire her newest album “The Redemption,” hitting stores Tuesday 7/21.  “Have you heard how crazy my family is lately?  I definitely had enough to write about,” says the daughter of retired wrestler Hulk Hogan.  “I have a song about my mom and the stuff that we’ve been through.  I’ve written stuff about people who have backstabbed me.  But I’m also very much in love so I wrote about that.  It’

Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan

s just about everything I’ve been through the last year,” says Hogan, who collaborated with her label mate and boyfriend Stack$ on the single “Hey Yo.”

For those who weren’t a fan of Hogan’s first album, she tells us this one will be a lot truer to who she is now that she’s no longer working with mega music producer Scott Storch.  “The last album was just so conducted by Scott Storch every inch of the way that I felt like I had no control.  He wasn’t a good fit,” she admits.  “His priorities weren’t in order.  I was put on the back burner.  I felt like he was very distracted.  Once he did have time with me, he’d just throw a bunch of writers on top of me and I felt squashed,” she says.  “The last album wasn’t me so I didn’t expect people to go crazy over it.  I feel like when you do things more organically then it has more of a chance of surviving so hopefully we’ll get different results with this one.”

Now that Hogan’s music career is headed in the right direction, she just hopes her family will follow suit.  “I think even though they’re not together, I think most of my family members are in a better place.  I still worry about my mom, but if she’s happy then more power to her.”

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