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Charlie Sheen Playing Mr. Nice Guy for a Reason, Of Course

Charlie Sheen

Duh!  Of course Charlie Sheen had ulterior motives for acting like a stand-up kind of guy at the Emmys and elsewhere the last week or so. 

He’s in the process of getting his “Anger Management” series set up — something that wasn’t about to happen if he ran about naked in hotel lobbies, hitting women and lobbing nasty remarks about his former employers.  With Deadline Hollywood’s Nellie Andreeva now reporting that showrunner Bruce Helford (“The Drew Carey Show,” “George Lopez”) has signed on for Sheen’s planned series for Lionsgate, it’s all too obvious.  Next, if his “Two and a Half Men” legal action is indeed settled, the way will be clear for the new show.   (Anybody want to take bets on whether Helford will live to regret this?)