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Bruce Kimmel Finds Celebrities Sometimes Much Different from Images

Bruce Kimmel is having a blast with his “Outside the Box” web comedy — inspired by the fact, “I watched some really bad You Tube series, and I thought, ‘Gee, everybody can do this.  Why don’t I try doing something that’s really fun?  And interesting.  And actually funny?'”

Thus Kimmel — the man who brought us “The First Nudie Musical” and “The Brain From Planet X” among many other things — added the internet to his eclectic show business career, a career that’s already taken him from TV to Broadway to record producing.  He covers the latter two in his latest book, “Album Produced By…”

Kimmel’s tales of working with the likes of Stephen Sondheim and Ann Margaret are a fun read.  He came to adore Lauren Bacall, but found Carol Channing quite different from her persona.  He’s aware that others have had opposite experiences, with Bacall a tiger, and Channing sweet as pie.

“Bacall, who I was really warned about by multiple people was a complete charmer and I just loved her.  She was fantastic.  Apparently she can be another way, if you catch her on a different day or different circumstances,” he acknowledges.  “Carol was difficult.  She’s who she is; she’s delightful in certain ways, and not in others.  Most people don’t ever have to be around that side, so it’s fine.”

Chris and Malaak Rock Auction Themselves Off for a Dream B-Ball Date, for a Good Cause

Chris and Malaak Rock

Want to go on a double date with Chris and Malaak Rock – enjoying courtside  seats at a New York Knicks game?  The Rocks are offering themselves and the choice BBall tickets up for auction to the highest bidder.  It’s part of the couple’s latest effort on behalf of their Journey For Change: Empowering Youth Through Global Service organization — with those items, and others, up for grabs at www.charityfolks.com. (http://www.charityfolks.com/cfauctions/auction_verticalngo.asp?slrid=1834) .

Journey For Change sends inner city youth on trips to South Africa, where they become involved in service work themselves.  Malaak tells us she’ll be heading out with their second group Aug. 18 – and the kids will be sharing their experiences via video and blog on the MTV and Nickelodeon websites, in addition to her Angel Rock Project site: http://www.angelrockproject.com.

Malaak has been involved in work on behalf of direly impoverished families led by orphans and “grannies” of South Africa since the Rock family visited there years ago. Then, she says, “because my husband is so committed to helping those kids in Brooklyn where he grew up, the idea came to me of bringing the two together.”

The result is their charity, which “takes kids from the receiving end of aid to the giving end of service, and lets them see how good that feels,” says Malaak.

According to her, the 30 12-to-15-year-olds who went on the first Journey for Change expedition two years ago are still involved in service and advocacy work on behalf of the families they met while on their trip.  “To be introduced to third world poverty – kids living 10 to a shack, with no electricity or running water.  It was a shock for those kids who’d spent their whole lives thinking they had it worse than anybody, ultimately realizing they were blessed by being American and living in the U.S.  It was amazing and also difficult for some.”

The Brooklyn adventurers bonded with their South African counterparts, playing music and dancing together.  They also had the opportunity to go out on safari and see rhinos, elephants and zebras.  Says Malaak, “It was extraordinarily life-changing for them.”

THE BIG SCREEN SCENE:  “Sopranos” creator David Chase is full speed ahead with casting of his Paramount feature about a young rock ‘n’ roll band in 1960s New Jersey.  Calls have gone out for characters including Douglas, an 18-25-year-old Italian American who’s not an athletic type, and Ronnie, described as attractive, charismatic, athletic and – volatile.  This is the film for which the E Street Band is serving as music supervisors and Steven Van Zandt is serving as producer.

TV DAYS OF YORE:  You have to wonder what a memoir from the man who gave the world “The First Nudie Musical” and “The Brain From Planet X” might be like.  Writer/producer/director/actor Bruce Kimmel’s “There’s Mel, There’s Woody And There’s You” turns out to be a fond look back on the days when – at least, the way he tells it – there was fun galore to be had in being a busy TV actor who never quite made the big time.  Kimmel’s moments had to do with things like being the rat who got his hands on Laurie Partridge’s diary – horrors! – on “The Partridge Family.”  He says the business “was not so cutthroat as it is now.”  Instead of today’s grueling, multi-stage audition process involving casting directors and network execs, even for guest roles, when Kimmel was seen regularly on shows like “Happy Days,” things were simple.  After one reading for producers, actors would usually get the yea or nay within hours, he says.  Kimmel went on to his major successes as a producer of musical theater recordings and the author of books including his Benjamin Kritzer novels.