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Hello, Again: Butch Patrick of ‘The Munsters’ Keeps the Flame

Butch Patrick

Butch Patrick

Halloween’s  just around the corner, so it’s a busy time of year for Butch Patrick, the one-time “The Munsters” son who has now taken on the role of keeper of the flame for the goofy ’60s sitcom that has shown a zombie-like refusal to die — some 44 years after ceasing production.  Patrick, now 57, is making personal appearances at 13 (of course!) commercial haunted houses.  He’s prepping for his own Halloween bash — tickets on sale now — that’ll feature his reunion with former “Munsters” cousin Pat Priest in Pennsauken, New Jersey.  And he’s putting in the good word for the Hallmark Channel’s “Munsters” marathon all day Oct. 31.

“That was a good time in my life,” says Patrick, who as a child divided his time between Hollywood soundstages and various ball parks where his father, major leaguer Ken Hunt (Angels, Cubs, Senators), would play.  His late series parents, Fred Gwynne and Yvonne DeCarlo “were really good people.  It was a nice family,” he says.

Patrick tells us he isn’t interested in going back into acting, but might expand his activities in the marketing realm.  In fact, the former wolf boy reckons he could practically do public appearances full time if he wanted to, there’s still so much “Munsters” love out there.  “You could do the car convention circuit because of the cool cars we had on the show.  Because of all the merchandising, you could do toys and comic books.  You could do horror and sci-fi.”

What he isn’t doing — reports to the contrary — is marrying a long-time “Munsters” fan he met at a convention.  “That actually was a misguided news story.”