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Mark Steines Loves Taking ‘Home and Family’ Prime Time

HF-Thanksgiving-spec-320x300_41107Mark Steines of “Home and Family” admits that this week’s first prime time special edition of the show he cohosts with Cristina Ferrare was “a daunting task” to pull off — but more than worth it.  “We’re happy about the vote of confidence this prime time outing represents,” he says, especially since he has been told that the Hallmark higher-ups expect some 80 million viewers to sample at least some of their 1200 hours of Countdown to Christmas programming.

The “Home and Family” holiday special has everything from such Hallmark Channel movie faves as Nicolette Sheridan, Naomi Judd, Alan Thicke and Candace Cameron Bure guesting, to a high school choir, a turkey cooking, and even an ice skating rink at the show’s highly-decorated house on the Universal Studios lot in Hollywood.  “It’s like the Griswold’s house, every inch of it is lit,” he says.

Steines is proud of the show that is making it in the hotly-contested daytime world, where many a star has been vanquished by season two.  The veteran of 17 years of “Entertainment Tonight” now finds that doing “Home and Family” is changing him.

“I’ve completely revamped decisions in life about what food I eat, raising kids, what to feed kids  — all that stuff based on what we’ve had on our show.  I never thought a guy from Dubuque, Iowa would be juicing, but I do my own juicing.”  Best of all, his 10 and 11-year-old sons are “starting to take care of themselves, starting to work out and watch what they eat, which is great.”

ALSO:  Candace Cameron Bure, who plays the daughter of Alan Thicke on the Nov. 30-debuting “Let It Snow” Hallmark Channel Movie, tells us that “everyone has different thoughts” when it comes to her former cast mates talking about the idea of a “Full House” reunion.  In case you weren’t aware, a recent posting had it that there was a series in the works that would have the daughters from that 90’s sitcom now grown up and living together.  It provoked a storm of excitement on the internet.  But it was a joke.  Bure says she and her former cast mates have talked about the phenomenon, and they’re amazed by the response, but she doesn’t expect such an idea to ever bear fruit.

CandaceCameronBureAs for herself, right now she’s focused on “Let it Snow,” in which she plays a hard-charging executive determined to modernize an old fashioned holiday ski lodge.

Hallmark did not come to her about the project, she says.  “I actually asked them.  I was talking to Hallmark and I love being part of the Hallmark family, and I said, ‘okay, for my next movie, I would really like to do a Christmas movie,’ because those are my favorite.  I’m the target demographic, because I sit and watch them all.  Then they sent me this script and it was perfect.”

Candace Cameron Bure’s Animal Side

Candace Cameron Bure looked simply stunning in a little white dress at the preview party for her “Puppy Love” Hallmark Channel Original movie that premieres tonight (9/8).  But it was her costar who stole much of the attention — and she didn’t even seem to mind.

No, we don’t mean hunky Victor Webster (pictured), who plays Candace’s baseball player love interest in the movie.  It was her other costar (also pictured), Bugsy, who had the crowd oohing and awwing at La Piazza at L.A.’s The Grove.  Bugsy complied with all photo requests, standing, sitting or giving big doggie kisses.

“Growing up on ‘Full House,’ I’m used to working with dogs,” Candace reminded.  And now, as a mom, she’s used to her own full house of animals.  The Bure family pets, past and present, include dogs, of course, plus “a bearded dragon, a Russian turtle, and hamsters,” she let us know.

When everyone walked across the plaza to the Pacific Theater for the screening, Bugsy took his place in the front row to watch.  “What do you think he’s thinking, seeing himself on the big screen?” asked a guest.  We can only imagine.  However, stardom does not seem to have gone to his head.  Perhaps because he has not forgotten his humble beginnings as a rescue dog.

Hallmark is partnering with Petsmart Charities for “Puppy Love,” which certainly depicts how much adopting a rescue pet can enhance one’s life.  Petsmart Charities, as you may well have seen for yourself, has a large ongoing effort nationwide to help rescue dogs and cats find loving homes.

Don’t Look Now, but Hollywood is Bringing Us Some Positive Christian Characters

Sandra Bullock in 'The Blind Side'

Sandra Bullock in 'The Blind Side'

What do Sandra Bullock in “The Blind Side,” Candace Cameron Bure in “Make it Or Break It” and Yvette Nicole Brown in “Community” have in common? Besides being famous and beautiful, that is.

Each has a character currently in a mainstream hit who is an avowed Christian, who is not a buffoon, a villain, ignorant or crazy — as has often been the case with Christian characters in product emanating from Hollywood in the last two or three decades.

Bullock’s portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy, real-life adoptive mother of Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Michael Oher, has her in the Oscar running, in fact.

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure

Bure’s quietly faithful and sympathetic character, Summer Van Horn, is a standout in the hot ABC Family “Make it Or Break It” series about a group of champion gymnasts. She has been seen winning the confidence and friendship of the show’s beleaguered bad girl, Lauren (Cassie Scerbo).

Brown’s divorced mother, “Community” college student character, Shirley Bennett, certainly has her foibles, including repressed anger. The Christmas episode of the Joel McHale series had Shirley in a very unattractive, disapproving mode — but she learned a lesson about the perils of rushing to judgment by the end. She’s trying to be a better person and is ultimately likeable despite her failings. Those layers of character make Brown, a Christian in real life, feel happy indeed.

Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown

A hip comedy from the co-creator of “The Sarah Silverman Program” — Dan Harmon — might not be the place one would expect to find such a character, but Brown is quick to let us know that Harmon is respectful of her faith. And evidently, some of his cues about how to write Shirley’s Christian ways have come from Brown herself.

She tells us with a laugh, “Dan watches all of us like a hawk, and none of us will ever admit what things got in that made it out of our own mouths or happened in real life.”

As for what she’d like in Shirley’s future? “I’d love her to have a chaste love affair — a divorced Christian woman, a mother, wanting to keep it together ’til she gets another ring? Dealing with that mine field? It would be nice for people to see that option. I think it would be kind of cute. Goodness knows, we see enough of people going the other route.”

Stacy Jenel Smith