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Carrie Keagan Wants More ‘Jump Start Live’ Despite Challenges

Carrie Keagan VH1 photo

Carrie Keagan admits it hasn’t been easy, adapting to a morning show schedule with her VH 1 “Jump Start Live” morning variety show — but the energetic blond internet star would like to keep rolling with it beyond its current two-week run just the same.

“I came ‘cross country for the show, so getting used to the New York time zone was part of the challenge.  I was getting up and I was like, ‘Whaaat?'” relates Keagan — who is known to internet viewers as the lead anchor, writer, and producer for No Good TV (inlcuding the shows “Up Close W/ Carrie Keagan” and “In Bed With Carrie Keagan”), with more than a billion views online.   “And I’m looking out on Times Square and it’s blizzarding, which is definitely something I’m not used to,” she goes on.

Then, too, she declared that she would refrain from dropping the F-bomb on the show — but admits that no sooner had she made the commitment, than she caught herself explaining a popular internet acronym to Aaron Eckhardt that included the flaming word.  Other than that, however, her  first week of the new show went off without a hitch, and “We were all just  celebrating and hugging and jumping up and down,”

As far as being on in the a.m., “The vibe of our show is so relaxed and easy-going, I think we could be on any time of day,” she says. “Our ‘Morning Buzz’ is a hangover cure for people just tuning in.”

The plan is for “Jump Start Live” to help promote this Friday’s (11/14) Critics Choice Movie Awards on VH1.  After that, Carrie and company are waiting to see if there’ll be an order for more “Live” shows.  She hopes so, although she admits, “I don’t know how Kathie Lee (Gifford) and Hoda (Kotb) do it with this kind of schedule.  Do you go out on weekends and stay up late, or do you go to bed early to stay in synch with the rest of the week?”

Whatever the future, No Good TV marches on with celebrities  laughing it up with Carrie and cussing at will.  She’s also likely to be front and center doing red carpet awards show coverage.  And then there’s the movement to see her cast as The Justice League’s Power Girl character — a fan movement that began after the 30-year-old one-time Playmate of the Month dressed up as the super heroine.  “I would LOVE to do it.  People responded so well to that.  The creators of ‘Power Girl’ saw the clips and they were really happy with them.”