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Carson Kressley Tests His Emcee Skills With Hero Dog Awards

Carson Kressley, Betty White "Hero Dog Awards"

 The inimitable Carson Kressley shows off his abilities as an awards show emcee tonight (11/11) on the American Humane Association’s “Hero Dog Awards,” which “isn’t exactly the Golden Globes, but it’s a start,” he says. 

It also happens to be Carson’s birthday, and the long-time animal advocate and doggie devotee couldn’t be happier about sharing his day with the group of corageous and care-giving canines who became finalists in this first annual event honoring top dogs. 

“It’s amazing to see these stories of rescue dogs on 9/11, dogs serving in Iraq” — appropriately enough, this Veterans Day — “and dogs helping people with disabilities live a more full life.  It runs the gamut,” he says. 

 Not only that, “The dogs were actually better behaved than most celebrities at awards shows.  No one called each other names or touched me inappropriately,” he says of the service animals present for the affair in the famous Beverly Hilton Hotel ballroom.   


As far as taking on hosting chores, Carson tells us, “I have people over all the time, and it was just like that, except Betty White and Peter Fonda were there.  I think the producers did a great job making a top-notch event.  I was shocked by how glamorous and well-run it turned out to be.”  The affair also attracted Julianne Hough, Michael Vartan, Pauley Perrette, Joey Lawrence, Victoria Stilwell, Faith Ford and other celebs.

Plus, “I got to have a TV moment with Betty White,” Carson says.  “Of course, she’s such a legend.  I got to interview her and I said, ‘You’re the most loved celebrity in Hollywood,’ and she said, ‘No I’m not.’  And I said, ‘Yes you are!’…

“She’s so professional, so old school, she had her script memorized,” he adds.  Nevertheless, there was a brief moment of confusion involving the Teleprompter, and Carson stepped forward onstage and “tapped her on the shoulder.  She turned around and said, ‘Who told you you could touch me?!’  And I was like, ‘What?’ And then she embraced me and I knew we were good to go,” he brightly relates.  The recent “Dancing With the Stars” contestant then danced the octogenarian Golden Girl off the stage.

Carson says he will soon be celebrating his birthday with a trip to Buenos Aires, “now that I know how to tango, and before I forget.”

Guide Dog Who Led Owner Down 78 Flights of Stairs on 9/11 Honored as Canine-loving Celebrities Turn Out for HERO DOG AWARDS

Carson Kressley, Darla the Cesar Spokesdog, Julianne Hough Hallmark Channel photo

Betty White, Julianne Hough, Michael Vartan, Pauley Perrette, Joey Lawrence, Victoria Stilwell, Faith Ford and a pack of other dog-loving celebrities turned out to honor extraordinary canines at the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards over the weekend.  There were lots of laughs with host Carson Kressley.  Presenters including Peter Fonda added memorable moments.  And performances by Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik were beautiful and moving.   But clearly, the celebrities of the night were Sadie, Zurich, Stacey Mae, Bino, Sage, Harley, Ricochet and the late, great guide dog Roselle, who safely led her blind partner, Michael Hingson, down 78 flights of stairs in Tower One of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

Each Hero Dog’s story — with their amazing abilities and depth of devotion — is enough to bring tears to the eyes of animal lovers.  The show, airing Nov. 11 on Hallmark Channel, is not to be missed.

“I love dogs and any event that we can honor these great creatures, as much as they do for us, I want to be there for them,” Joey Lawrence told us before the start of the show that took place in the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  “I think it’s cool.”  (By the way, Joey has a Black Labrador, an Australian Heeler and a German Shepherd at home.)  

The “Melissa & Joey” star presented honors to Emerging Hero Dog Ricochet — a Golden Retriever who surfs with special needs children and disabled adults.  Video of Ricochet’s story of finding her own calling after being released from a service dog training program went viral with 3.6 million views.

Betty White, looking smashing in red, talked with a twinkle about her beloved Pontiac — her Golden Retreiver — before giving a presentation that ended with her literally dancing into the wings with Carson Cressley.  Carson’s “Dancing With the Stars” pro partner, Anna Trebunskaya, was on hand in the audience to cheer him on.  

Cesar canine cuisine sponsored the event, and the company’s Westie  spokesdog was there to present one of the awards with Pauley Perrette.  The “NCIS” actress cuddled the pooch and pronounced him (actually, it’s a her) her favorite copresenter ever before noting that you’ve got to love an awards show where it’s okay to have animal fur on your clothes.

Guests dined on seabass and tenderloin of beef accompanied by dauphinoise potatoes and herb grilled tomatoes, and a chocolate mousse dessert garnished with a white chocolate cartoon dalmation and a dark chocolate Hero Dog bone.

We caught up with Hingson backstage after Roselle was proclaimed the top dog among top dogs.   

Michael Hingson and Roselle

“She was a great dog.  I’m just so, so happy she was honored.  We’re really excited,” he said.  Hingson’s 9/11 experience with his faithful guide leading him down 1,463 stairs — occasionally being petted and greeted by firefighters on their way up — led him into a new career.  He’s working with Guide Dogs for the Blind, and has traveled all over the country and abroad giving keynote speeches that promote dogs, teamwork and trust.  He’s delighted that the Hero Dog Awards will raise even more awareness of the incredible assets of these canine companions.  “I’m hoping to have a chance to do more work with the American Humane Association,” he says.

“I loved her and I miss her so much,” he adds of the yellow Lab, who died just this past summer.  “I tell people that whenever someone wants in heaven, they ring the bell at the door and she barks, telling St. Peter, ‘Better get that.'”

Here’s hoping that this Inaugural Hero Dog Awards event will be the first of many, many more.