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Tia Carrere Finds Tough Broads on Season 5 of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Tia Carrere NBC photo

 Season five of “The Celebrity Apprentice” doesn’t debut until Feb. 19, so contestant Tia Carrere has to be circumspect about what she reveals regarding her journey on the show.  But it can’t have been too hard on her — considering that now she’s now contemplating opening her own business back in her native Hawaii.

“The great thing was I found out I’m a really good team player.  I’ve never been in a corporate environment before,” says the actress and Grammy-winning musician who rose to fame in the “Wayne’s World” movies.  “I was pleased that I was able to anticipate people’s needs and be a self-starter.  Most important, I promised myself going in that no matter what, I would maintain my integrity.  There is no reason for being backbiting and manipulative.  Other people are — but I guess that makes good TV, doesn’t it?

“I was surprised.  Some of these broads are tough,” adds Carrere.  She’s part of an eclectic group of 18 including Arsenio Hall, George Takei, Cheryl Tiegs, Penn Jillette, Clay Aiken, Victoria Gotti, Aubrey O’Day, Lisa Lampanelli, Adam Carolla, Victoria Gotti, Lou Ferrigno, Michael Andretti, Debbie Gibson, “Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Teresa Giudice  and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider.
 Carrere reports she was a last-minute addition to the cast.  “They had asked me for the past few years, and I’d always kind of shied away from it because I knew it would be difficult.  I was the last one to jump on.  I didn’t have time to think about it.  It was, ‘Let’s just see if make money for my charity,’ which is After-School All-Stars.  It’s a group Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced me to nearly 20 years ago when we did ‘True Lies,’ that provides fitness and enrichment programs for kids all across the country.”

 Even if she’d had the time, however, “You can’t prepare for this.  What I like about the show is that we’re so exhausted and overwhelmed with the tasks we’re asked to do, people’s true personalities come through,” she notes.  “Yeah, people put on this happy face, but when push comes to shove, all that wears off.  I got some interesting insights about people:  ‘Oh, you really went to that place?  How disappointing.”

It’s already a ridiculously busy year for Carrere, who has just started filming her new  recurring role on the USA Network’s “In Plain Sight,” and is also juggling hosting-producing chores on two more shows she says are going into production soon. “One is called ‘Forsaken Places’ and the other is called ‘Street Stars,'” she says.  “I’ve got to go to Vancouver, and Albuquerque — and there’s another movie that I might do that would mean going to Montreal and Louisiana.”

Carrere admits she finds it “very hard” to be away from her six-year-old daughter for long stretches, but credits her ex-husband, British photojournalist Simon Wakelin for stepping up. “Bianca’s daddy is terrific about being right there.”

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Finalist John Rich Not Ruling Out His Own Future in Politics

As “Celebrity Apprentice” finalist John Rich has been making the promotional rounds this week — for his new six-pak albums, “Rich Rocks” and “For the Kids” — he’s been asked a lot about his feelings regarding Donald Trump’s non-run for President.

So we asked him something different.

How about John Rich for President?  “I wouldn’t rule it out at some point in my life,” says the multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter-producer.  “But I wouldn’t think any time soon.  That is such an immensely powerful and responsible position, I would have to educate myself on every level.  But I could run — any American can run for President.  And I do think people should discuss politics and debate it.”

Debate is the main reason conservative-leaning Rich cites for his view that Trump’s decision to stay out of the Presidential race is something of a missed opportunity.   “I think he would be an interesting guy to hear debate if he’d have run.  I’d have liked to have heard him go toe to toe with other people.”

Rich has shown admirable tenacity, smarts and poise throughout the “Celebrity Apprentice” competition he’s playing to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  In fact, he and fellow finalist Marlee Matlin have shown exemplary behavior all down the line, unlike many of their fussin’, feudin’, freaking fellow contestants.  He admits Sunday night’s (5/22) finale “is a little nerve-wracking — live TV with 20 million people watching.”  He reports that he’s going to sing his “For the Kids” song from that same-titled album (proceeds from which are going to the charity) on the show.  “I’m going to sing that live, acoustically, and Marlee is going to sit next to me and sign the lyrics as I’m singing them.  I think it’s going to be a really powerful moment.”

MEANWHILE:  His “Rich Rocks” album contains “You Had Me From Hell No,” a tune he recorded last year with his pal Lil Jon.  At the time, neither he nor the hip-hop star with whom he’s been friends for six years (they hit it off at an awards show) had any inkling they’d be doing “Celebrity Apprentice” together.  They kept their friendship under wraps all season, figuring a secret alliance would be to their mutual benefit — which it was.

Rich says that when fans started clamoring for a collaboration between him and Lil Jon via his website and Twitter, he thought of “You Had Me From Hell No,’ which was “just sitting in my stereo.”  He phoned Warner Records and said, “let’s let the world have access to it.”

You know the company was happy about that call — just as St. Jude’s was thrilled to learn Rich had put together a full six-pack album for the charity’s benefit.  Come Sunday, he’ll find out whether the final quarter million dollar win will go to his charity, or Marlee’s, The Starkey Hearing Foundation.  They’re definitely both winners already.

David Cassidy Fan Roma Downey Saddened by His Getting Dumped on Her Husband’s Show

David Cassidy NBC photo

With “Celebrity Apprentice” competition heating up en route to the May 22 season finale, you can be sure there are some David Cassidy fans out there who continue to feel stung by the one-time teen heartthrob’s ouster at the beginning of this cycle.  One of those just might be Roma Downey, the one-time “Touched by an Angel” star  — who happens to be married to “Celebrity Apprentice” executive producer Mark Burnett.

“I was heartbroken, because I have had a major crush on David Cassidy since I was growing up in rainy, war-torn Ireland,” she confesses.  “I had a picture of David Cassidy on my wall, with Scotch tape on my little pink wallpaper, and I used to sit there looking at it and thinking, ‘Oh, David Cassidy, why won’t you come and take me away from all this?’

Roma Downey

“When Mark cast him on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ I thought, ‘At last!  After 40 years I can finally meet David Cassidy,’ and I was planning on going in and you know, a couple of weeks into the shoot, I was calling to make my flight arrangements.  And I said, ‘I’m coming in because I want to meet David Cassidy,’ and there was this silence, because as the world now knows, he was the first one out.  They said ‘Oh well, if that’s why you’re coming in, all we can say is, don’t bother coming.’  So I never got to meet him!”

Roma, who has a Hallmark Channel Original movie comedy, “Keeping Up With the Randalls,” coming up this summer, loves to watch her husband’s reality TV fare, of course.  But as far as ever landing on such a program herself?  “I’ve learned enough to never say never, but I think there is a certain kind of personality that does very well on those things, a Type A, I guess, that is not my personality,” she says.  “I think I’d get lost in my own politeness.  I don’t think I’d be very entertaining.  I’m way too thoughtful and I don’t speak in sound bites.  I’m too Irish — I take too long to tell a story.”

We wouldn’t have her any other way.

Hope Dworaczyk: ‘I Don’t Want to Do Another Reality Show Like ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Hope Dworaczyk NBC photo

Hope Dworaczyk, better known as the 2010 Playmate of the Year, who is now being seen as a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice,” is very clear when it comes to her future in the genre:  “I don’t want to do another reality show like ‘Celebrity Apprentice.'”

Hope befriended Niki Taylor as the contest got underway, and “When she left I was so sad I actually cried — because I knew who I was left with,” she says.

Sure enough, battling between Star Jones and “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” NeNe Leakes soon broke out.  “I think the person you had to get along with in order to stay on the show was Star,” Hope opines.  “Everybody seems to follow what Star does.  When Star didn’t like Lisa Rinna, nobody went to Lisa’s defense because nobody could argue with that woman.”

Notes Hope, “Fortunately, Star sort of took me under wing.  I think she felt I was not a threat.”  The 25-year-old brunette runway model says that besides Niki, she especially enjoyed working with Marlee Matlin.  “But I was friends with all the girls.  I got along with everybody.”

Since the show started to air, she’s been surprised by the number of times she’s approached by women she meets while out and about.  “They’ll come up and say, ‘Oh, I love you on the show!’  Or, ‘Oh, where did you get the coat your were wearing in the last episode?’  It’s amazing to me that they’re aware of everything about the show.”

But men do not approach her.  “Nothing has changed with the guys.  I tell people all the time, I do not get hit on.  Maybe it’s because of the places I go, or don’t go.  I’m not into bar hopping.”

Presently, Hope is into developing other TV projects for herself, one she says she can’t talk about as yet, another that would be a U.S. version of her Toronto- based “Inside Fashion” weekly beauty and fashion program.   And she hopes to do more acting work — as in the July release “Without Men,” in which her cast mates include Eva Longoria and Christian Slater.   “It’s kind of  a western comedy, where all the men in this town leave and the women are left to fend for themselves, and start to find out they don’t need the men.”

Joan Rivers Enjoying Career Upsurge…While She Can

Joan Rivers

If it seems Joan Rivers is here, there, ‘most everywhere these days, well, yes, and the veteran funny lady couldn’t be happier about that.

‘My career has been up and down and up and down and up and down. And I’m in an up period at the moment and, trust me, I’m enjoying it, but I also know that this moment will pass as the others have, and you just better enjoy it while it’s there,’ she says.

Rivers is the midst of a spate of highly-visible work’from her ‘How’d You Get So Rich?’ TV Land show to her ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and ‘Miss USA’ appearances, her December-debuting ‘Mother Knows Best?’ program. And, come June 11, the limited release of ‘Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.’

The documentary by Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg has already drawn excellent response at the Sundance Film Festival and elsewhere. It has cameras following Rivers around even during unflattering moments, such as when she confronts an empty work calendar.

‘I’ve been fired a lot. I’ve had full books and I’ve had years where I’ve had empty books, and when one day your find you’re slightly older and you have an empty book, that’s really, really scary,’ she says. ‘You just have to keep on moving and keep on trying and keep on pushing.’

The one thing that she asked to have removed from the documentary was a portion referencing her husband, Edgar Rosenberg’s, suicide. ‘I was talking about how angry I still am at him. You know, I’ll walk by his picture and still say, ‘—- you.’ And Melissa got very upset with that,’ she says, referring to her daughter. ‘She asked if you could please ask them to take that out. Everything else stayed. The deal was that I would give them free access. My view was, ‘Let’s tell the truth or why bother?”

Rivers’ work ethic is in evidence on ‘How’d You Get So Rich?’– which launched its second season earlier this month, featuring her chatting with billionaires from Trump to the man who grew rich from inventing The Clapper. Visiting their often lavish digs and hearing their rags to riches stories, does she get inspired?

Rivers replies, ‘I find that when I go home, where I thought I lived well, I now spit on it. It’s shabby.’