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Chelsea Kane Happy for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Support From Jonases, Kyle Massey

Chelsea Kane, Mark Ballas ABC photo

“Dancing With the Stars” competitor Chelsea Kane admits she’s feeling the physical and mental weariness that’s come with the high-pressure rehearsing and performing schedule of the show since March — including having to perfect three dances for tonight’s (5/16) installment with her pro partner, Mark Ballas.  “We’ve been pretty much having to learn a dance a day.  At this point, your brain doesn’t feel it can take in any more information.   And I know Mark has really had to dig to do the choreography; you feel creativly you can’t put out any more.”


“All that being said, I’m definitely running on full adrenaline right now, and really feeling good going into this week,” says the blond Disney Channel sweetheart.

“I knew, coming into ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ that I had an extremely specific demographic and I knew so many viewers would have no idea who I was.  I was afraid no one would vote for me,” she admits.  “To be welcomed into the semi-finals makes me happy and proud.  I’m definitely out of my usual zone.”

Chelsea’s been getting abundant support from Disney Channel buddies.  As viewers know, her former “Jonas” cast mate Nick Jonas showed up last week.  She says she had no idea he was going to be in the audience.  “He just came all on his own and was sitting there, front and center, with my mom.  I know they have such busy schedules I never wanted them to feel obligated to come.  It really really warmed my heart to see him there.”  She also notes, “All the Jonases have been so wonderful through this whole project.  Mr. and Mrs. Jonas have been Twittering people to vote for me.”

Former “DWTS” contestant Kyle Massey was not only hand at a rehearsal to give Chelsea pointers, he’s been cheering her on from the audience — and “He’s sent me a slew of text messages:  ‘You got this.’  ‘You’re doing great.’  ‘You’re kicking butt.’  He’s my Number One cheerleader.  He definitely knows how it goes, and I think with Kyle, it’s always a great reminder to keep having fun and enjoying this, and make the most of the experience.”

The 22-year-old is self-effacing enough to have posted an old video of herself dancing “my usual way — the awkward wedding dance look” — on You Tube.  She says some of her long-time close friends surprised her by trying to talk her out of doing “DWTS” back at the beginning, “which kind of hurt.  They said, ‘Are you sure this is a good idea?  You dance like a robot.  You’re not sexy.  You’re goofy.  You bounce up and down like a toddler.’  Now they’ve come back and said, ‘We’re sorry.  We thought you were going to humiliate yourself.  We’re so proud of you.”  That’s right, Chelsea, make them eat their words.