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Chelsea Staub, Kyle Massey — Cross Continental Bonding

Kevin Jonas, Chelsea Staub, Joe J., Nicole Anderson, Nick J. Disney Channel photo

Among the friends and fans cheering for Kyle Massey in “Dancing with the Stars” is fellow Disney Channel name Chelsea Staub.  The “Jonas L.A.” actress has come to know the former “Cory in the House” star pretty well, seeing each other at a lot of Disney events, supplying the main voices for the Channel’s “Fish Hooks” animated series, debuting tonight (9/24) – and spending a week together in Nicaragua last month.

“We were there for Feed the Children,” recounts the beautiful blond 22-year-old.  “That actually brought us together on a level I haven’t experienced with a lot of people.  We saw a lot of poverty, a lot of kids struggling, first-hand.  It was eye-opening.  I was glad to have Kyle there to talk about it.”

Lacey Schwimmer, Kyle Massey ABC photo

Chelsea says that she and Kyle visited a feeding center at a school, then each accompanied a child who was being helped by the organization to show “how Feed the Children helps them.  We went to their homes and spent a day, saw what a day is like for them, really immersed ourselves in the whole thing.”

Their trek on behalf of the embattled organization, (which is working to move beyond controversy involving its fired president and founder, Larry Jones) was documented on camera, but Chelsea says she’s not sure in what form it will be presented.  “We came back a couple of days before the Emmys and it was really surreal — culture shock — to suddenly be in this world of dresses and parties.  It was amazing to see Kyle there,” notes Chelsea, whose philanthropic bent previously showed itself in the Haiti fundraiser she put together early this year.

“It’s awesome that Kyle’s doing ‘Dancing with the Stars.’  I will definitely be there for at least a couple of live performances,” she declares.  On “Fish Hooks,” a high school-set comedy but with animated fish – she voices theatrical Bea the goldfish, while Massey voices cool, fun-loving fish Milo.

MEANWHILE:  Chelsea is awaiting word on the Jonas Brothers’ Disney Channel hitcom.  “I can’t believe we’re already coming up to the end of the season.  We had a blast filming it, and we’re so proud of the final product,” she says of the show in which she costars with Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas and Nicole Anderson.  “Everything about it felt good; it was a great time for us.”

So, is it over?  “I think that’s kind of an open question,” she says.  “We’re in an interesting position because the show was pushed back a year due to the writer’s strike and the boys touring.  So now we’re two years in when we expected it to be four.  Are we done now?  Do we come back next summer?  I’m one of those, I would be happy either way.  It’s such a great show and I’ve loved every second of it.  If they wanted to go on I’d say yes in a heartbeat.”