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Country Legend Clint Black Weighs in on Chely Wright Lesbian Revelation

Clint Black

Many in the celebrity field are predicting that country star Chely Wright has put her career in harm’s way with the admission in her new ‘Like Me’ autobiography that she is gay.

County legend Clint Black is not so sure. He says, ‘I think the audience is sophisticated enough to give people the freedom to be what they are. But I believe there may be powers that be in radio and within record companies who will feel the news may be too much for a country audience. People here listen to music with little kids and pushing sexuality too strong may cause harm. It all depends how Chely handles the situation. They don’t want to have to turn the radio off because there are youngsters in the house. Having a young daughter myself I have to be conscious of the birds and bees, if you how what I mean.’ Clint’s daughter Lily by wife Lisa Hartman, is nine years old.

Clint’s ‘Flicka 2’ DVD, which premiered this week, couldn’t be a better example of family fare that offends no one and has potential to please the masses.

Making it was, says Clint, ‘a wonderful experience,’ with Patrick Warburton and Tammin Sursok co-starring in the adaptation of the best-selling novel, ‘Hearts Will Race.’  It’s a piece of which all concerned should be proud.