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Christian Slater Hangs in There Despite Show Frustrations

Christian Slater tells us he and the rest of the “Breaking In” team have all been “holding our breath” waiting to find out the fate of the Fox series — that was cancelled last May and then un-cancelled in August.  The comedy has been struggling, unable to hold onto the viewers of its lead-in, “New Girl.”  Having been around the cancellation block several times now, the star is bracing himself.

“It all comes down to ratings and people tuning in.  That’s what the networks care about.  It all comes down to America either saving it or killing it — and then having to deal with everybody saying, ‘Oh, I really loved that show.’  Definitely that’s what happens. I’ve done this three times now, and people say, ‘Oh, why’d they take it off?’” he imitates. Slater, of course, is referring to his 2008 series, “My Own Worst Enemy,” and 2009 drama show, “The Forgotten.”

You have to hand it to him.  Despite the frustrations, he’s certainly been doing his all to promote “Breaking In.”  He’s on Jimmy Fallon’s show tonight (3/23) and appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ show a few days ago, in addition to chatting with media.

“I enjoy it.  It’s a funny show, a funny premise,” he says of his comedy about a team of hackers and thieves that tests high-end security systems by breaking into them to find their flaws.  Asked if he hesitated to return when the show was “un-cancelled,” he says, “Only because I had just relocated to Miami, I was really kind of unsure of whether I wanted to come back to L.A..  That was really it.  There wasn’t any anger or sadness regarding the show in any way.  I basically had just moved.  That was the only issue for me.  I enjoyed doing it, and as long as I had the opportunity to do more work with those guys I was happy,” he says of creators Adam Goldberg and Seth Gordon.

As far as the revamp of the show, with Megan Mullally coming in to play the team’s unwanted new corporate boss, Slater says, “Certainly when they told me that’s who they were going after — and then when they got her — it was very exciting.  She’s great.  I’m a huge fan of her work on ‘Will & Grace.’  She is definitely a very funny woman, and she’s brought so much joy and really works very hard, very diligently to get all the material as good as it can possibly be.”

Ahead on the show are love triangle elements that have to be dealt with, Slater says, “And there’s a lot of sendups to movies from the past – ‘Indiana Jones,’ ‘Back to the Future.’”  The episode that just aired borrowed from the cult hit feature that started it all for Slater, “Heathers.”  Unfortunately, the show again sustained a post-“New Girl” viewer drop-off.  By the time you read this, Slater may well know whether or not he’ll be heading back to L.A. for more shooting – or not – as it’s decided whether this will be a 10 or 13 episode season.

Either way, he’s looking forward to settling in as a Miami resident, getting some sun, and going fishing.

Why the move?  Why Miami?  “I thought I’d like to have a little distance between myself and Los Angeles.  I started coming out here last year and was going down to the Florida Keys, which I really enjoyed, then I started migrating up north to Miami.  I just liked the size of it,” says Slater.  “It’s not all inundated with show business.  It’s just nice to have a little bit of normalcy.”

Slater Looks Back on Life of Turmoil, Wiser

Christian Slater "The Forgotten" ABC photo

Christian Slater "The Forgotten" ABC photo

There was a time when Christian Slater was quoted as saying “Work is my hobby, staying sober  is my job.”

That’s not true any more, says the star of ABC’s new “The Forgotten” series.  Christian, who plays a detective haunted by the disappearance of his daughter in the crime drama, wants us to know he has been sober for over four years.  Now, he says, “Work is my job, and having adventures with my kids.  My kids are all-important.”

His son Jaden is 10, his daughter Eliana is eight, and he hopes they’ll profit from his mistakes.

 Christian, who was a Generation X heartthrob on a fast track in the 80s, says he wouldn’t change anything about his past because, “You pull on one thread of tapestry and the whole thing can unravel.”

However, he points out freely that drugs and drink “can create the illusion of being very cool, that drinking is the hip thing to do and that you’ll seem like Clark Gable. You go to a party and have a drink and feel like a super hero when the truth is you’re looking rather foolish.  Showing up for life 24/7 straight and sober can be tough if you’re riddled with insecurities.  Actually, the fastest way of knowing who you are is to know who you’re not.”

Christian notes that his offspring “will be going into high school in the next couple of years, and  that will be the time to have some serious discussions with them about his own experiences,” to give them an awareness of what’s the right and wrong thing to do.”  In other words, do as dad says not as dad did.

MEANWHILE: Christian Slater reveals he had little time to prepare for  his new ABC “The Forgotten” crime thriller.  He admits that his role of a detective haunted by the disappearance of his daughter was offered to him at the last minute, “after producer Jerry Bruckheimer had another guy set for the part.  I don’t remember the fellow’s name, but when they changed the casting and offered the role to me it was a little bit like diving into  a pool without having learned how to swim. It all turned out great, though.  As soon as I read the pilot, I knew I wanted to do the show.”

DOG DAYS:  Mario Lopez is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelors but before he gets a good woman, he tells us, “I’ve got to get a dog first.”

That’s one of the reason the actor/host is currently on a puppy hunt on his show “Extra.”  For the next five months, “Extra” will follow Mario’s journey as he meets with pet organizations, companies, experts, and shelters in the weekly segment “Mario’s Great Puppy Hunt.”  “I thought it was a good time to have responsibility for something other than myself.  It’s a big jump because I don’t even have real plants in my house,” he admits.  “It’s been a good way to raise awareness for all of these dogs that need homes.  Everybody’s really getting into it.  When I was at the Emmys at the red carpet, people were asking if I had found a dog.  They were like, ‘I think you should get a bulldog or a German Shepherd.’  There are a couple of breeds I like, but I’m taking my time so I make the right choice.”

When not working on “Extra,” Lopez has plenty of other things on his plate.  He recently wrapped season four of his hosting duties on “America’s Best Dance Crew.”  “We got picked up for another season so I’m excited about that,” he says of the MTV show.  “I’ve been doing some broadcasting for HBO’s boxing fights.  I did a triathlon recently.  I can see how it can be addicting.  It’s tough to train properly with the schedule I have but I hope to do it again next year.  I’ve got a healthy diet book and a kid’s book coming out.  The new season of ‘Nip/Tuck’ is coming out in October, I believe.  Of course it makes for long days so it throws a little bit of a wrench in the social life, but that’s all right.  I love what I do.”

 NO SMALL PARTS: No sooner was it announced that Robert Zemeckis would be turning his motion capturing ways to a remake of The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” last summer than a cacophony of complaints, dire predictions and rebuttals over the idea began.  But proceeding he is.  With plans to begin shooting still nearly a year away, casting forces are already looking at candidates to play John, Paul, George and Ringo.  Kind of.  What’s required are actors in their mid-to-late twenties with resemblances to the Fab Four.  Their voices and performances will be captured – and then, of course, altered via Zemeckis’ computer wizardry into final fab 3D form.  The process will be “very non-technical and liberating” for the performers, promise casting notices.

With the Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis “Dinner for Schmucks” going before the cameras this fall, the call went out for a child actor to play a cocky, eight-year-old boy named Kyle who will be seen shrieking in terror as a vulture sweeps down on him at a bird show in Griffith Park.  What a movie this is bound to be.  It’s the remake of a French comedy about an incredibly stupid man who has the power to ruin the lives of those with whom he comes in contact.

 With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster