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Saying Goodbye to ‘Friday Night Lights’ Hard on Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler NBC photo

Kyle Chandler admits that saying goodbye to “Friday Night Lights” has been “very difficult.” 

The actor who – finally – garnered a long-deserved Emmy nomination for his portrayal of high school football coach Eric Taylor says, “It was a rough few weeks.  We went from shooting Episode 12, which I directed, right into the final episode and, regardless of how enjoyable, it was a lot of work.  So it wasn’t until a few days later that I caught my breath and realized, ‘That stage of my life is done.’  I’m sad to see it go.  It was the happiest five years of my life.”

Of the cast and crew wrap party, he says, “I don’t like saying goodbye.  I don’t like wrap parties for that reason.  But none of that really hit me at the time.  I was by myself when all the emotions and thoughts all came up at once.”

Chandler certainly does have something to look forward to, however:  the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Aug. 29.  He’s in the running for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series along with Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Hugh Laurie, Bryan Cranston, and Matthew Fox. 

“I’m taking my two wives to the Emmys this year,” says the Texas-based actor with a laugh.  Referring to fellow Emmy nominee Connie Britton, he goes on, “Obviously, my TV wife will be there.  And my beautiful wife Kathryn and I will be coming to Los Angeles, seeing friends we haven’t seen in a white and be two adults in the city of Hollywood, living it up while the kids are at home kicking back.  Of course my wife has to be there.  The person you say goodnight to last is the one you want to say thank you to last.”

As for what he will do next, Chandler says, “Our two children are about to go to the state swimming competition and I’m going to be there and enjoy that.  I’m going to enjoy my horses and I’m going to relax.  Whatever happens with the Emmy, the show was a great experience.”

Asked to name a stand-out moment for him, Chandler is quick to respond.  “I think one memory I’ll always take with me is the very final scene.  Connie and I had to literally go outside this restaurant and do a scene in the parking lot.  When they yelled ‘Cut!’ that was the last one.  The whole crew and the other actors were all out there, and everyone was applauding.”