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Michael McDonald Juggles Showtime Special, ‘Cougar Town’ Job and More

“Cougar Town” fans can expect to see former “Mad TV” regular Michael McDonald showing up on the Courteney Cox sitcom in coming months — reveals “Cougar Town” writer-director-producer Michael McDonald.

“We talked about creating a character for me who could come in every now and again.  That’ll be fun,” says the versatile creative talent.  McDonald’s been having almost too much such fun as of late.

 His super-sized full plate of activities has him dishing up his first  Showtime special, “Model Citizen,”  tomorrow night (10/9) – with a DVD release Tuesday (10/12).  “It’s kind of a great opportunity to show a little bit different side of myself.”  He’ll talk about some of his “MadTV” characters and how they came about, go in and out of character a little bit.  His famous hapless little boy Stuart Larkin will turn up, as well as Stuart’s mom.

“Everything I’ve done kind of has been based on little nuggets from my life,” says McDonald.  His own mother, “claims she doesn’t see the resemblance” between herself and Stuart’s mother.  “She’s really funny.  I come from a funny family, I can tell you that.”

 The funnyman has been directing episodes of “Cougar Town,” then “on weekends I go to a city and perform a club date – back and forth, back and forth.  Courteney Cox has been really supportive, and kind of gets a kick out of having someone around who is doing this, I think.  Bill Lawrence, the show runner, has been very kind.  He said, ‘Take the time you need to do your special.’”

McDonald certainly didn’t plan to have all his commitments need fulfilling simultaneously.  It’s just, “When it rains, it pours.  I’m not getting a lot of sleep right now, I ll tell you that much.  But I can’t complain.  People far more talented than I am don’t have the opportunities I have,” he adds modestly.  “I can sleep another day.”