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‘Gossip Girl’s’ Simon Miller Coping With Life as a Hottie

Simon Miller, Blake Lively CW photo

Simon Miller

When someone is proclaimed to be a hottie on “Gossip Girl,” they have to be especially hot — because Armani advertisement-level attractiveness is the rule of the day on the CW series that returns Monday (9/26) in its new 8 o’clock timeslot.  Such is the case with Simon Miller, whose return as Patrick is causing a stir amongst “Gossip Girl” fans. 

“I’m always shocked when I see someone saying ‘Simon Miller Hottie,’ or the hottest guy.  I’m like, ‘You’re kidding,'” he insists.  “I was definitely a late bloomer.  I was more like the brooding poet type when I was in  high school.  I never felt like I was going to be one of the popular kids,” he says.  “But acting, for me, has always been a way to explore other people I could have been in life.”

Miller is also still surprised to get recognized when he’s out and about.  Although, he says, “I actually get a lot of fans on Facebook who ask me stuff, and I’m happy to respond to them.  They’re from all over the world, China, Mexico….”  What do they ask him?  “They always want to know acting stuff:  ‘Is it hard to act?’  ‘How do you pretend  to be somebody else?'”  Then there are the offers.  “This really cute girl from Germany asked me if I could find her a place to live.  I was like, ‘Why don’t you search online for a place in L.A.?’  And she says, ‘I was hoping I could stay with you a little bit.’  That one took me back a little.  You never know when you might be facing a ‘Fatal Attraction’ kind of thing.”

He admits he’s surprised to be back on ‘Gossip Girl,’ potentially causing trouble for Serena (Blake Lively).  “To be honest, I didn’t think it would happen.  I heard that that they had put me on hold for a certain date, and I thought, ‘Yeah, right.’  I also got called back for more on ‘Vampire Diaries,’ but then they didn’t use me,” he says. 

Miller is in for at least three episodes, about which is is sworn to secrecy.  He does indicate he anticipates doing more on the show.  “What happens in this last episode I did, it seems that there is going to be more to tell.  It would be a weird place to leave off.”  He’s also been working on a miniseries, but again, he can’t talk about it.  “It’s almost bad luck to talk about it.  Best to let it grow in the quiet and the dark, like mold.”  Miller hasn’t done comedy yet, though he’d like to.  However, he dryly observes, “Hotties aren’t funny.  Hotties are just hot.”

Gail O’Grady: Bubble or No, ‘Hellcats’ Team Positive

Gail OGrady CW photo

“Hellcats'” Gail O’Grady was surprised to hear that TV prognosticators are giving the CW teen comedy-drama about a cheer squad no better than even odds for renewal next season.  The show, in which she plays Aly Michalka’s intrusive mama, has an ardent following of loyal fans, she points out, and “I think everyone is feeling positive.”

On the other hand, with new season announcements coming up next month, it’s tension time for even some fairly successful shows that are now on the bubble.

“I ran into my buddy Gary Sinise the other day, and he said that for the first time in seven years, they’re not sure,” she notes of the “CSI: NY” star.  “You know how TV is these days, unless something is a runaway hit, unless you’re ‘Modern Family,’ nothing is certain.”

O’Grady is certain about her feelings toward “Hellcats” and Aly. “From the get-go we had kind of an instant chemistry,” she notes.  “Usually over hiatus it’s kind of nice to have a break, but yesterday I found myself thinking, ‘I have to call her.’  I miss her.”

Coming up on “Hellcats” are episodes in which her character, Wanda, finally opens up to daughter Marti about her mysterious father.  “That’s one thing my character has refused to discuss with her — not out of denial, but feeling she’s protecting her, which has caused friction in the mother-daughter relationship.”  Viewers will find out why as the series unveils new episodes, beginning April 19.

O’Grady considers “Hellcats” a dream job for personal reasons as well. The former “American Dreams” and “NYPD Blue” cast member has a six-year-old son.  The ensemble show allows her time at home between camera calls — but, inconveniently enough, it requires her to fly back and forth between her L.A. home and Vancouver production.  She admits, “I think it’s the most flying I’ve done within a few months.”

Her work life and mommy life don’t leave the six times divorced blond beauty much time for grown-up activities.  “The last movie I saw was ‘Rango,’ so that pretty much tells you,” she says.  But for now, she’s getting a kick out of hanging out with her son at hot spots like Legoland and Disneyland.