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Dylan McDermott Hopes Daughters Don’t Go into Show Business

Dylan McDermott TNT photo

Dylan McDermott hopes his two young daughters (ital.) don’t (end ital.) follow his footsteps into show business careers.  “It’s too hard, this business – especially for women,” says the star of TNT’s “Dark Blue” drama that begins its second season Aug. 4.

“Actors – guys – can get old, but for women it’s tougher,” he explains.  “There’s always the younger girl coming up and it’s rough.”

McDermott’s looking forward to focusing on quality time with his girls – Colette and Charlotte, ages 14 and 5 — now that he’s completed filming of the second season of his series about cops who work in the deep undercover netherworld.

Last season of the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced show began with critical kudos, but the season finale ratings crashed.  Why?  “I think it was a bunch of things.  We had a rerun of ‘Leverage’ instead of an original episode.   That obviously didn’t help for the finale,” answers McDermott.  But this year, I think it will help that we’re in an earlier timeslot – Wednesdays at nine.”

He also notes, “Every show is a work in progress. I look back in Season 1 and see really good things – but also ask, ‘What do we have to change?’  We’ve definitely made adjustments in my character and in the show, lightening it up a little bit, bringing in romance.”

For the latter, Tricia Helfer of “Battlestar Galactica” has come aboard.

“My character, Carter Shaw, was underwater with his marriage over, the loss of his wife last season.  The character was very dark.  This year, he’s believing again in – I don’t want to say ‘love,’ but the possibility.  He’s trying to change.  He knows there’s a real chance for him to be a different person.  I think the shows is a lot more dynamic this year.  There’s more at stake, more at risk.”

However, the former “The Practice” star still has ample opportunity to play multiple characters as Shaw takes on different personas for the job.  “Every episode, I really try to bring in different things.  I’ve done an Argentinean guy, a guy from Texas…a drug dealer.  There are so many guys I’ve played within the seasons.  That’s my favorite part of the show.  That’s why I did it.”

Eloise Mumford

FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT:  If Fox’s forthcoming “Lone Star” drama fails to click, it certainly won’t be because of a lack of chemistry within the attractive young cast including James Wolk, “Friday Night Lights’” Adriennne Palicki, and beautiful blond Eloise Mumford.  The ladies play con man Wolk’s fiancée and wife, respectively, in the show about a guy who has set up false lives for himself while bilking unsuspecting oil people out of millions.

Mumford tells us, “I hadn’t known any of them before, but we all got along so well shooting the pilot in Dallas, we’d get together and go around to each other’s hotel rooms.  When we finished shooting, we all tried to get on the same flight back to L.A.  And when they were in New York for the Upfronts,” she adds, referring to the networks’ new season presentations for advertisers, “they all stayed at my apartment.

“We love each other and feel it’s unusual in this business.”

To hear Mumford tell it, her casting was almost as charmed as the group’s interpersonal dynamic.  “It actually happened really fast,  This was the fist time I’ve done this whole process so I feel really lucky,” says the actress, who previously had a recurring role on “Crash.”