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David Cassidy Fan Roma Downey Saddened by His Getting Dumped on Her Husband’s Show

David Cassidy NBC photo

With “Celebrity Apprentice” competition heating up en route to the May 22 season finale, you can be sure there are some David Cassidy fans out there who continue to feel stung by the one-time teen heartthrob’s ouster at the beginning of this cycle.  One of those just might be Roma Downey, the one-time “Touched by an Angel” star  — who happens to be married to “Celebrity Apprentice” executive producer Mark Burnett.

“I was heartbroken, because I have had a major crush on David Cassidy since I was growing up in rainy, war-torn Ireland,” she confesses.  “I had a picture of David Cassidy on my wall, with Scotch tape on my little pink wallpaper, and I used to sit there looking at it and thinking, ‘Oh, David Cassidy, why won’t you come and take me away from all this?’

Roma Downey

“When Mark cast him on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ I thought, ‘At last!  After 40 years I can finally meet David Cassidy,’ and I was planning on going in and you know, a couple of weeks into the shoot, I was calling to make my flight arrangements.  And I said, ‘I’m coming in because I want to meet David Cassidy,’ and there was this silence, because as the world now knows, he was the first one out.  They said ‘Oh well, if that’s why you’re coming in, all we can say is, don’t bother coming.’  So I never got to meet him!”

Roma, who has a Hallmark Channel Original movie comedy, “Keeping Up With the Randalls,” coming up this summer, loves to watch her husband’s reality TV fare, of course.  But as far as ever landing on such a program herself?  “I’ve learned enough to never say never, but I think there is a certain kind of personality that does very well on those things, a Type A, I guess, that is not my personality,” she says.  “I think I’d get lost in my own politeness.  I don’t think I’d be very entertaining.  I’m way too thoughtful and I don’t speak in sound bites.  I’m too Irish — I take too long to tell a story.”

We wouldn’t have her any other way.