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Dave Chappelle Getting the Itch to Perform?

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle

Superstar stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle, seems to be getting the itch to perform again as he’s been making impromptu performances over the past week at the World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

Chappelle — who abruptly quit his extremely popular Comedy Central show in 2005 amid speculation of drug or mental trouble (which he flatly denied) — was on stage one Saturday night for a whopping four hours, but those lucky enough to see him certainly weren’t complaining.  We got a chance to catch the comedian in action Monday night when he surprised a small room of tourists by taking the stage just before midnight

Chapelle was very subdued sitting on a bar stool on stage with a lit cigarette in hand, but his ability to entertain the crowd seemed effortless as he intelligently gave his insight about the world and Barack Obama for over two hours.  He noted that it’s a good time to be black, and talked about what an amazing experience it was for him going to South Africa and that he wants to visit the rest of Africa.

He did joke that they said, “It’s so good you’ve decided to come back to your homeland.”  He said, “Oh, I wasn’t planning on staying.”

In fact, he’s been living in Yellow Springs, OH since returning from his Africa visit, making it clear he sees no need to be in the center of the show business world.  But he certainly has been here lately.  It just goes to show you never know what you’re going to come across when spending a night out in Los Angeles!

Emily-Fortune Feimster