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Alex O’Loughlin: No Dirt on Jennifer Lopez From Me

Alex O'Loughlin

There are two things you’re not going to hear from hunky Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin.  One is whether or not he wears a suit and tie as the new Steve McGarrett of CBS’s updated “Hawaii Five-0” series.  The other is anything negative about his “The Backup Plan” leading lady, Jennifer Lopez.

Given that the Friday 4/23)-opening romantic comedy is a big screen Big Break for the former “Moonlight” and “The Shield” actor, and we’re seeing his handsome puss all over billboards and buses, it would be pretty surprising if he dissed La Lopez, who has been notorious for her diva ways in the past.  But he goes so far as to tell us, “It’s surprising to hear it mentioned as much as I have because she was perfect — on set, and off.  It’s difficult to imagine the woman I know and worked with fitting this description.  I found her selfless, always thinking about the people around her.  Professional. A great, hands-on mother as well.  If you’re looking for dirt, you’re not going to find it here.”

O’Loughlin notes that Lopez had her two-year-old boy and girl on the set of the feature, in which she plays a single woman who decides to have a baby via sperm donor, only to fall in love when she is already pregnant.  “I didn’t know her before the twins, so I hesitate to guess, but I would imagine that this is the final element in her life that makes her the woman she was destined to be.  Children are the ultimate definition of who we are as humans, after all,” says the single actor.  “She’s amazing.”

He’s finding his current whirl “surreal” – and admits he gets a bit homesick.  “I feel like I’m always away from my family.  I spend more money on travel than anything else, flying around the world to see the people I love or bringing them to me.  Sometimes I wish I had become a banker or a builder to keep me in one spot.”

If the new “Hawaii Five-0” – for which the pilot has already been completed – does indeed get picked up for fall, he plans to commute between L.A. and the islands.  As for differences between the vintage Jack Lord-starrer and his version, O’Loughlin says, “It’s interesting going back, looking at it now.  The original show is pretty dated.  We’re doing a much more contemporary show.”

And his wardrobe?  “I’m not telling.”

OFF-BALANCE:  “Dancing With the Stars” pro ballroom dancer/choreographer Louis Van Amstel weighs in on the recurring complaint over pitting contestants with dance know-how against raw newcomers.  “I have always defended the dance-trained celebrities,” says Van Amstel, who previously worked with names including Lisa Rinna and Kelly Osbourne, and this season is teamed with funny lady Niecy Nash.  “In the end, they may have the advantage with the judges, but they also have more pressure from the audience because everyone knows their dance backgrounds and expects more of them.  Those who don’t have the dance training – people root for them because they’re the underdogs.”

Still, it has to be intimidating for Niecy and the other untrained dancers to go up against Olympic Gold Medal-winning figure skater Evan Lysacek, one-time cheerleader Erin Andrews of ESPN, and Pussycat Dolls leader Nicole Scherzinger.  “Nicole is hot, hot, hot and so good at what she does,” appreciates Van Amstel.  He adds, “You need the good ones to give the audience something to watch while the others are learning.”

GOOD FANS TO HAVE:  Dean Norris has garnered a fan following among cops, thanks to playing Hank Schrader, the DEA agent brother-in-law of Bryan Cranston’s methamphetamine-dealing ex-science teacher character on “Breaking Bad.”

“We have cops on location and they’re always coming up tome and talking.  These cop magazines have asked me to write little pieces for them,” notes Norris, who also has a series of “Cop Talk” satirical videos on the internet that he made with a couple of cop buddies.

So it will be interesting to see what kind of reaction he gets as this season continues to unfold, with Hank undergoing changes.  “The first couple seasons of ‘Breaking Bad,’ Hank was more of a comedic character.  They established him as a blowhard, funny guy.  This season, they’ve definitely taken him to the dark side.”

And it’s been demanding.  Notes Norris, “Bruises are definitely part of the gig.”  That was especially true when he shot the episode in which “I got to mix it up with Keith Jardine, the famous Mixed Martial Arts fighter – he and I got to tangle.  He’s a super nice guy but there’s an aura about him that he could decide to punch you in the head and knock your brains out.”  What did he think of Jardine’s performance?  “I thought he was good,” says Norris.  “He didn’t have to say a lot.”  Yep, getting one’s head slammed on the floor doesn’t require much acting technique.

BORDER CROSSING:  Shawn Ashmore – Iceman to “X-Men” fans – is getting ready for “Mariachi Gringo,” an indie flick about a guy who feels “stifled by the complacency” in his small town, per casting notices.  His solution: setting off for Mexico to become a member of a Mariachi band.  Amy Madigan is also in the movie, along with Martha Adriana Barraza.

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster

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Kendra Feeling the Post-Partum Pressure

Kendra Wilkinson

E! Channel sensation Kendra Wilkinson looks incredible in her February OK! Magazine spread — a song of physical perfection, in fact, for a woman who just gave birth Dec. 11. But not to hear her tell it.

“I can’t say I’m back yet. I’m dieting. I’m going to get better,” says the knockout blond, who went from being one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends on “Girls Next Door” to love and marriage with Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Hank Baskett on her own “Kendra” show – to motherhood with the arrival of Hank Baskett IV.

She credits helpful lighting and photography for her dazzling look in the British mag. Meanwhile, “I’m under a lot of pressure to get back in shape for photo shoots and stuff like that. They don’t understand that it’s not that easy to get back in shape,” she complains.

“Actually, I had this doctor come over yesterday, to my new house in Tarzana. . The doctor rubbed on my belly and said ‘There’s always going to be that small little pooch because your uterus is shrinking,’” Kendra recounts.

“Once a week I do hardcore training and stuff,” continues the 24-year-old San Diego native. “I breast feed. I have to have some fat in me. Breast feeding, you burn off so many calories.”

“Kendra’s” new season launches March 14, and she considers it “ten times better than last season” – which is saying a lot, considering what a ratings winner has show has been for E! already.

Despite the challenges, Kendra says motherhood is “the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s so great to be a young mom. I can guarantee, if I’d waited 10 yeas to have a baby, I’d be in so much more pain and stuff. I feel like Supermom. If I need to lift a stroller down the steps, I lift it myself. I’m young and strong.”

The best part of all: “The bond between us, the love. He knows I’m his mom now. Every time I walk away he cries, which is painful and a negative thing, but also, every time I’m there, he laughs and smiles. Besides Hank, I’m the only one my baby can recognize and have that immediate comfort with. Wherever we go, if I’m there, he’s happy.”

NEW STEPS: “Dancing With the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba tells us she’s ready to interview some celebrities this weekend at the Oscars as part of her co-hosting gig for the TV Guide Network’s “Live on the Red Carpet.” However, for a “shy” girl from Hawaii, it’s not as easy as it may look.

“I’m not familiar with celebrities. I don’t go out with the Hollywood crowd. I live kind of a quiet life so I thought this job would be exciting,” says Inaba of taking the hosting gig. “It’s really exciting, but it’s a challenge. It’s a whole new world for me because I’m naturally a shy person. I dance. I never liked speaking as much, but then I found myself being a judge and speaking a lot more than I wanted to. Now I’m on the red carpet speaking to celebrities. I get a little nervous because I’m just a girl from Hawaii. It’s bizarre,” she notes. “I have to face my fears of being shy and initiate conversations with people I’ve admired and respected my whole life. It’s an honor to get to interact with them and I just want to do it justice so I study a lot for this job.”

In fact, Inaba tells us she’s been brushing up on all of the Oscar-nominated movies in hopes of being more than prepared for the big day. “I took a couple of weeks off for the Emmys so I could study every single person I could on TV. I spent about two months studying for that. I have to say, I love school and part of being this red carpet host has to do with studying,” explains the acclaimed dancer, who seems to be getting better and better as she goes. “I know I’ve got to speak a little slower. I saw how excited I was so I’ve got to keep that more on the inside and be a little cooler on the outside,”
she adds with a laugh. Hey, it’s the Oscars. Everyone’s excited.

BAD MAN RISING: Dean Norris, familiar to “Breaking Bad” fans as Hank, the amiable blowhard DEA agent brother-in-law of Bryan Cranston’s character, works a whole different set of chops on tomorrow night’s (3/5) episode of “Medium.” His guest role is “the creepiest I’ve ever played. He’s a recidivist child molesting rapist kind of a guy. He’s the brother of the main detective, Scanlon (David Cubitt),” the actor reports.

Norris has been enjoying a busman’s holiday since “Breaking Bad” wrapped production for its March 21-debuting third season in January. He’s also just finished work on a “Lie to Me” episode, and hopes to do more guest roles before the regular TV season is over. “It’s just so much fun. The characters are generally different, and you get to go in there and do a fun, interesting story. You notice, you’re seeing movie stars guest-starring on shows these days,” he points out. Norris shows his funny side in “Cop Talk” videos you can find on YouTube and the AMC website. Those cops he’s seen with in the goofy bits are really cops who are really his buddies, he lets us know. But Norris’ Hank will be anything but funny this coming season, the actor tips. Look out.

NOT THE SAME OLD SAME OLD: Another pilot on the way is ABC’s “Off the Map,” about three doctors who are running a medical clinic in the middle of a tropical rain forest, using limited resources and lots of improvising. The characters are pretty Nina, sexy and tough Indian-American Michael, and brilliant, easily entertained Otis, all of whom left their pasts behind when heading out to the jungle. Sounds interesting.

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster