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New Nickelodeon Stars Brace Themselves for Fame

Taylor Gray, Dillon Lane Nickelodeon photo

Nickelodeon hasn’t even launched their “Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures” series yet, and already teen stars Taylor Gray and Dillon Lane are getting their first tastes of fame, going out and being recognized by fans.

“We were surprised. They know about our show before it’s even aired,” notes Dillon, who plays the carefree surfer, Skinner, on the July 1-debuting series. “Of course that shows Nickelodeon is doing a good job of advertising it, and we’re also lucky enough to have some friends with successful shows who are giving us some help.” Ashley Argota of “True Jackson, VP” is actually in the cast of “Bucket & Skinner,” he adds, and “She has a very big Twitter following, like, 90,000 followers, and she’s helped us.”

Taylor says the subject of fame has definitely come up around the set. MTV expects good things; the network saw the first few “Bucket & Skinner” episodes and upped its order of the show from 13 to 26.

Has he thought about dealing with fans, press, parties, etc.?

“I should probably put more thought into that,” answers the actor who plays the relatable everyday high schooler, Bucket. “Everyone’s talked to us about it. But no matter what you hear, it’s hard to know what to expect. There’s always that aspect of it — the unknown. It’s pretty crazy to think about, to be honest. As long as I continue to be the person I am, with my same close friends and my family, I think I’ll be okay.”

Says Dillon, “I’ve definitely thought a lot about it. With all the cool opportunities and hopefully, the success I could retain from this series, if I’m lucky enough to gain a voice, I’d like to use it to help people. That’s one of my goals.”

Okay, they’re adorable. Let’s see how they are in five years.