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Dominic Fumusa: ‘Nurse Jackie’ Secrets Beginning to Unravel

Paul Schultze, Edie Falco and Dominic Fumusa Showtime photo

Look for bombshells to start dropping on Edie Falco’s “Nurse Jackie” as the Showtime show heads toward its June 7 season finale.  “It gets even more intense, building up to a reveal of some of the secrets.  You know, she has so many, you have to take them one at a time,” informs Falco’s series husband, Dominic Fumusa.  “But you don’t want to get there too quickly,” adds the actor with delight.

His character, Kevin, spent the entire first season “100 per cent oblivious” to his wife’s drug addictions and affair with a hospital pharmacist (Paul Schultze).   Now, “I love it because I there are so many more colors to play with.  I got to go darker.”

Playing the cuckold has won him “interesting reactions” from fans.  “A lot of people are very kind to Kevin.  They say, ‘This is crazy.  How can she be doing this?’  Other people’s reactions are more like, ‘How can he possibly be so clueless about his wife?’  Hey, there are people out there who ARE that clueless” when it comes to their partners cheating on them, he points out.  “With Kevin, they had to establish the domestic bliss to counter balance Jackie’s life at the hospital, her addiction to drugs.  He’s not a doormat, not stupid…I think what’s really fascinating is, obviously, Jackie has a great life at home.  The addiction is only the covering up of something that lies beneath, something that’s painful and interesting.  It makes for good drama, good acting,” he says.  “What is that something?”

He won’t be getting the answer to that question any time soon.  Right now, Fumusa is busy with Sarah Ruhl’s “Passion Play” on the New York stage.  The “Nurse Jackie” troops won’t be mustering for production again ‘til September.