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Who Should Replace Dr. Laura?

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

So Dr. Laura is taking herself off the radio because she feels censored.  Ironic, isn’t it?  After she’s spent a quarter century on the air preaching her views and dispensing judgments on the rabble from atop her mighty broadcast throne, she’s obviously taking it very hard that people are censuring her for her use of the N-word.

That’s censure, not censor.

“I want to say what’s on my mind,” she declared.   One can’t help wondering what she thinks she’s been doing all this time.

But anyway, now on to the question of who can replace her.  It doesn’t have to be a psychologist.  You may recall that Dr. Laura’s doctorate is in physiology.  Someone with a gift of gab is required, and an ability to give advice to those who call into the show in an entertaining way – or to tell them off.  Of course there are dozens, nay, scores of radio talkers already out there poised to go gunning for her timeslots.  Perhaps an unknown will rise up from their ranks.

As far as star names?   Hm.  Naomi Judd, Sheryl Lee Ralph?  Too nice.  Before Whoopi Goldberg came aboard “The View,” Kathie Lee Gifford, Nancy Grace and Joan Rivers were among the women in the mix for that job.  Perhaps one of them could step up to the mic and replace Dr. Laura.  Each of the three has other gigs, but personalities have been known to juggle radio and TV shows before.  Each could easily be imagined telling callers what to do with their lives, and each could appeal to that masochistic streak that’s prompted so many to call Dr. Laura for a public chewing-out.