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Plastic Surgeon to the Stars Talks ‘Goldilocks Phenomenon’

Kendra Wilkinson

Playboy centerfold cum “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Kendra Wilkinson has been quite open about her breast implants, having famously had them installed when she was 18, but finding them too big after giving birth to her and husband Hank Baskett’s baby.  Reality star Heidi Montag has blabbed about her G-cup implant choice and subsequent desire to downsize.  Sharon Osbourne was quoted saying that after she had her implants removed, she’d give them to husband Ozzy to use as a paperweight, or two.  Victoria Beckham, Janice Dickenson and Jenna Jameson have all been up and down the breast implant scale, and Pamela Anderson has switched implants, and switched again.

Pamela Anderson

It’s what New York plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Grant, a favorite of celebrity women, terms the “Goldilocks phenomenon” — as in too big, too small, just right.  With all the chatter about implants among the famed in recent years, one could get the idea that breast augmentation surgery is just another major purchase — and that would be just plain wrong.

“First of all, celebrities are not normal people, which sounds so redundant, but it’s worth remembering,” points out Dr. Grant.  “There’s always a trap about comparing a non-celebrity to someone in the public eye, who makes choices based on their career and how they want to look on stage or screen.”

Heidi Montag

He also points out that most often, changes in implants by the well-known Goldilocks gals aren’t because they can’t make up their minds.  “Most often it’s simply a matter of their bodies changing as they get older or have kids.  Sometimes it’s because they’ve lost weight, and the implants they had five or ten years earlier no longer look the way they did.  They get implants put in, and over time, gravity works on them as it does on our bodies.  With changes in the structure of the skin, the loss of elasticity, the implants droop.  Then they can get into a cycle of getting implants, then getting new ones until they can start to look ridiculous.  Eventually, you can have a reconstructive challenge.”

Dr. Grant says he’s turned down patients’ requests for plastic surgery he believed would not be in their best interests.  He’s also “had patients come in who are 30 pounds overweight and want liposuction to get rid of it.  I tell them they’re better off working with a physical trainer.”

So, that odd lumpiness we’ve seen in a few celebrity bodies is due to lipo as we suspected?  “You’re probably right,” he says.  “These kinds of things are well documented in Hollywood.  But they’re not typical.”

In fact, Dr. Grant likes to dispel misconceptions about celebrity plastic surgeons whenever the opportunity presents itself, he says.  He stresses that when patients come in, “We spend a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what their goals and objectives are.  We have 3-D cameras that can show patients very well what their post-operative results are going to be like…One should never be cavalier about having any kind of surgery, elective or not.”