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Power of Perseverance Shows in Eddie McClintock Success

Eddie McClintock Syfy photo

Eddie McClintock has a lot to celebrate this week, with the hugely positive response to the second season premiere of his “Warehouse 13” dramedy – a.k.a. the Syfy channel’s most successful series.  The show is being supported by a myriad of promotional activities this summer, including a big presentation at ComicCon in San Diego later this month, where McClintock will no doubt be cheered by hordes of adoring fans

Hard to believe, just a couple of years ago, the amiable and handsome star was one of TV’s hard luck stories, with four short-lived series cancelled out from under him after a decade of toiling away in guest roles.  What gave him the endurance to get through all that?

“I think it comes from my father.  I grew up wrestling, wrestled for 12 years,” he says.  “I was taught to never quit, never give up, always keep going.  I mean, look, in my low moments I thought maybe I should pack it in and do something else, but ultimately I knew I never would.”

McClintock is having a blast with the off-beat show in which he plays Secret Service Agent Pete Lattimer, who, along with his pretty partner (Joanne Kelly), must deal with inexplicable paranormal artifacts and gadgets that the government does not want the public to find out about.  “As an actor, you get to play all these different things on this show – to the hero, to be funny, loyal, noble.  You get to be a big brother, a son.  And the cast all really enjoy each other as people and I think that comes across,” he notes.

“We have some great sci fi guest stars coming up this season.  Lindsay Wagner had just come out of a four-year retirement when she came to do our show.  I grew up watching ‘Bionic Woman,’ so that was really exciting,” he adds.  “Sean Maher from ‘Firefly’ came on.  Tia Carrere came on as an ex-love interest of Pete’s who — we’re not sure whether she’ll become a current love. She’s awesome, too.”