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Chef Emeril Kicks It Up a Notch for the Military

Chef Emeril Lagasse, photo courtesy WME

Chef Emeril Lagasse, photo courtesy WME

Chef Emeril Lagasse tells us that “At Planet Green, life is really, really good. We’ve started shooting the second season of ‘Emeril Green,’ and it’s been a blast. A lot of the shows we did for the first season were in this grocery store setting. Now we’re getting more and more out in the field, visiting farms, talking to farmers – really connecting to the green, which is very important to me.”

He notes, “We certainly have a budget like everyone else does. We’re just making it work. With my show, you can be a lot more efficient when you are in the field than in the studio, if you really kind of travel light.”

Speaking of traveling light, the chef recently demonstrated a new portable kitchen unit that can be dropped from the sky into the middle of nowhere, run on jet fuel and used to prep food for 80 soldiers. It’s one of the highlights of his “Operation Emeril” and “Emeril Salutes the Military” specials debuting Monday (6/29) on Planet Green. Emeril, who’s been cooking for and with the military dating back to his “Emeril Live” show, traveled to the Army Center of Excellence Subsistence (ACES) at Fort Lee in Richmond, VA for his new specials. He met with service men and women training to become military cooks across all branches of service. Working with a couple of the soldiers, he turned standard rations into chicken and sausage jambalaya, chicken pot pie, and New Orleans style bread pudding. Mmm.

Later this summer, he has specials dedicated to outdoor grilling, and a visit to California wine country.