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Martha Plimpton, ‘Raising Hope’ Cast Mates, Brace for Toddler Time

Martha Plimpton Fox photo by Mathias Clamer

Emmy nominee Martha Plimpton lets us know that she and her “Raising Hope” cast mates are bracing themselves for season two of the popular Fox show. The title character on the comedy that focuses on a good-hearted yet very, very seedy family, is no longer an infant.

“She’s growing up in real time,” the actress reports. “We’re not freeze-drying
her. She’s allowed to keep aging naturally. I imagine it’s going to affect
things profoundly. She’ll be running around, talking. There’ll be a lot of
things she won’t be willing to do — you know what I mean? Babies are a lot
easier. Toddlers are a whole other thing.”

As for her own character, Virginia, Plimpton says, “I guess one of the bigger
surprises is that she’s really convinced we’re going to see the end of the world
in 2012. I mean, she’s really committed to that.”

Shooting is just now getting underway for the new season, and Plimpton tells us she feels ready to face those 16-hour days that are a regular part of “Raising
Hope.” Over hiatus, the three-time Tony nominee performed in “Company” with the New York Philharmonic – a performance that was shown in movie theaters across the country.

“It was amazing,” Plimpton says. “It will be on DVD too, which is also really

Additionally, she guested on an upcoming episode of “The Good Wife.” And then, “I took a break. I took a vacation. I rented a little house on the East Coast
and just relaxed,” she says.

She has yet to figure out what she’ll wear to the Emmy Awards on Sept. 18: “I
don’t have anything like that ready. We’ll have someone help figure that out.”

After all her trips to the Tonys as a nominee, how do the Emmys feel this year?
“I don’t know yet,” she says, smiling. “We’ll have to wait and see what happens
when we get there. I do know I am completely and totally thrilled to be in the
company I’m in.” She’s talking about her fellow nominees for Outstanding Lead
Actress in a Comedy Series: Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, Laura Linney, Edie Falco and Amy Poehler.

Bruce Dern Says Emmy Recognition Took Him By Surprise

Bruce Dern photo by Lacey Terrell

Bruce Dern, Emmy nominated for his guest-starring work on “Big Love,” tells us that the recognition took him completely by surprise. 

“I never had that much to do on the show,” explains the esteemed actor — who certainly made a lasting impact as the manipulative, nasty, sometimes downright frightening polygamist, Frank Harlow.

Bruce says he’ll be at the awards, though his work schedule couldn’t be much fuller.  He has Francis Ford Coppola’s upcoming “Twixt” gothic horror picture making a lot of noise.  In September, he reveals, and daughter Laura will begin production on the drama they’ve been planning to do together for awhile:  “Hart’s Location,” with Joe Dante directing the film and Laura’s mother (his ex-wife) Diane Ladd also cast.

“It’s a father-daughter story,” says Bruce.  “My character divorced her mother when she was three and went off to pursue life as a big-time photographer.”  He goes on to explain that when the characters eventually do reunite, she’s a grown woman just getting out of jail — and anxious to get her five-year-old son back.  She finds her father not the bad, dangerous person she’s been led to believe.  “I tell her I’ll take her to get her son back on one condition – that I drive.” 

They’ll shoot in Georgia.

Bruce also has an independent feature just about to start production in upstate New York, “Love Orchard” with Kristanna Lokken (“Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”).  “Her father wrote the script.  It’s his story,” Bruce reports, and describes an incident in which a three-year-old girl was arrested by the immigration and naturalization services, though her parents were in the country legally, working in his orchard.

With five decades in his career at this point, Bruce keeps finding himself on the receiving end of accolades – including his star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame last fall, his Legend Award at the inaugural Gold Coast International Film Festival in June,  And – possibly – an Emmy.  “Is it sacrilegious to say it?  The nomination is the win in itself,” says Bruce.