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‘Bridesmaids’ Melissa McCarthy Matter of Fact About Body Image

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy’s career is surging, what with her role in the big-screen “Bridesmaids” that opens this weekend, her “Mike & Molly” stardom, and  other projects in the wings.  So she can definitely afford to laugh at that much-talked-about magazine writer’s declaration last year that she didn’t want to have to watch “fatties” in love.  Looking back, McCarthy tells Entertainment Weekly, “In all honesty, my first thought was ‘Gosh, I hope she doesn’t have a daughter.’”

In a feature featured in the issue hitting stands tomorrow (5/13) the mother of two girls talks matter-of-factly about her own body image.  “Please, I don’t throw on a dress and go, ‘That’sperfect!’  But I do quite often go, ‘Well, it’s not changing today, so just go out and have fun and stop worrying about it.’”  McCarthy has another female ensemble comedy that she wrote with “Bridesmaids” cowriter Annie Mumolo, and director Paul Fieg is developing a romantic comedy for her, EW reports.  A plus-sized movie star?  McCarthy says she’d love to be big on the big screen.  “Yes. Are you kidding?”

Christopher Nolan Exudes Good Cheer at Nominees’ Luncheon

Christopher Nolan

Pundits may be piqued, and the blogosphere may be filled with fury over Christopher Nolan’s omission from the Best Director Oscar race, but the “Inception” filmmaker himself was the very picture of graciousness and good cheer at this week’s Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon.

The movie star handsome British filmmaker – a double nominee for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay — skipped the press room, no doubt well aware of the “snub”-related questions that would come his way.  We happened to be seated at the same table as Nolan, where he appeared to enjoy looking over the nominee certificates he picked up after participating in this year’s class photo, and rather tickled about it as he got out his new Nominee sweatshirt and gave it a little pat.  Nolan also laughed during the presentation of acceptance speech do’s and don’ts by producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer, including a video starring Tom Hanks, in which Tom reminded the crowd that those great spontaneous moments take preparation.

DreamWorks’ “How to Tame Your Dragon” Best Animated Feature nominee Chris Sanders, meanwhile, talked about his currently-in-the-works project, “The Crudes.”  Due in March 2012, it has to do with cavemen on the verge of that very first step toward civilization.  It sounds as if the characters have already taken on lives of their own, leading the filmmakers in entirely unexpected directions, even into those existential questions as to why we should care about what we do in life.  Yep, that’s not what one would expect from something called “The Crudes.”

Jesse Eisenberg

It’s no wonder the luncheon continues to be such a popular attraction on the awards season calendar, with all the stars at their relaxed, affable best.   Little moments of their humanity emerge one after another — like Best Actor nominee Jesse Eisenberg getting up from his seat to shake hands with a waiter, look him in the eye and say thanks.  Or fellow Best Actor candidate Jeff Bridges happily acceding to the request to let Best Actress nominee Annette Bening sit on his lap for the Class Picture.  When she brightly hurried over and sat down, laughter broke out and it was a great moment.

Annette Bening

Whatever the outcome when the 83rd Annual Academy Awards are presented on February 27th, it’s clear that Bening is a popular lady with her fellow nominees and industry members.  She drew noticeably enthusiastic applause when her name was called out.

Speaking of noticeable, how could “Black Swan” Best Actress nominee Natalie Portman glide around like it was nothing in those impossibly high red heels while balancing her very pronounced-by-now baby bump?

In the press room, “Biutiful” Best Actor nominee Javier Bardem answered a question in Spanish, then jovially assured English speakers “It wasn’t that interesting.  You didn’t miss anything.”  He talked about how this nomination, his third, was particularly special to him because of the drama, in which he plays a dying criminal trying to reconcile his world, being in Spanish –a breakthrough.  Pressed to say how he felt in Spanish, the native of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, replied, “I feel the same way.”  Ba-dum-pum.

Ed Helms NBC photo

ON THE PERSONAL SIDE:  Ed Helms, the 37-year-old star of “The Office” and “The Hangover” got into some startling territory when Entertainment Weekly asked him things about himself that would surprise people.  First off:  He’s had open-heart surgery.  “I had a congenital heart condition that became an issue as I hit my growth spurt,” he explains, in the issue that hits stands tomorrow (2/11).  “My operation was during spring break of my eighth-grade year.  I do have a scar, and you can see it in the movie—it’s a little zipper, about eight inches, that’s gotten lost in the fur.  I have a natural sweater that disguises it.”  The movie to which he refers is his Friday (2/12)-opening “Cedar Rapids” comedy, in which Ed plays a naive insurance agent who goes wild at an out-of-town convention.

Secondly — are you ready? — he listens to Yanni.   “I went through a phase when I was obsessed with him….Somewhere in me there is a lonely, middle-aged housewife with a deep abiding crush on him.”

And third, Ed plays the banjo.  In fact, he has banjo-bonded with picker extraordinaire Steve Martin.  “We’ve become friends through playing the banjo. Obviously we’re both comedy people, but it is really neat to share a specific passion. I produce a bluegrass festival, the L.A. Bluegrass Situation.  Last year’s was our first, and Steve was gracious enough to jump on board.  We’ve had some great musical times together.”

Something Smells Funny, Must be ‘Will Ferrell’

Will Ferrell

So, Will Ferrell wants a cologne of his own, eh?

That’s one of the intriguing factoids that comes to light in the funnyman’s 10 Things That Make Me Laugh list for Entertainment Weekly, due on stands tomorrow (10/29).  Item No. 5 states that Will finds “S,” Shakira’s new fragrance, funny, “but I’m also jealous.  Dammit, I want my own fragrance.”

Other items on his list include No. 7, “The Show ‘Hoarders.’  I know this is a disease, but how hard is it to clean out the garage?”

He gives props to fellow “Saturday Night Live” alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on the list – which does include straightforward items as well as silly ones.  And he reveals that he enjoys “The Knife Show” on MTV with Josh Horowitz:  “This is where I get most of my information on knives…and so should you.”

Ferrell’s “Megamind” opens Nov. 5.

Olivia Newton-John Recounts What Made Her Decide on ‘Grease’

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John, fresh from her too-funny cameo in the “Glee” season finale, will be all over the place again this July — due to Paramount’s release of “Grease: Sing-A-Long,” the studio-sanctioned version of the audience participation screenings fans have been organizing for years.

Looking back on the making of the beloved musical, Newton-John admits, “I was 29 and worried that I didn’t look young enough” to get away with playing a high school girl. She recounts to Entertainment Weekly, in the issue hitting stands tomorrow (6/18), that what obliterated her reservations was John Travolta visiting her at her home. “John and I had great chemistry from the first time we met,” she says. “We’re bonded forever on celluloid.”

Making the movie certainly had its challenges. She recalls shooting the
dance contest scene in a downtown L.A. high school with no air conditioning. “It was really hot. We were near an abattoir, so it was smelly, too. I was a little nervous to dance with John. He’s a fantastic dancer. I hadn’t seen ‘Saturday
Night Fever’ at that time. If I had, I would have been totally intimidated.”

]”Grease” became a 1978 phenomenon, complete with a chart-topping soundtrack. “I don’t think we ever imagined it would become so popular and go for so long,” says Newton-John. “But every seven years or so, a new group of kids finds the

Didi Conn, who played Frenchy, told EW about her immortal “Beauty School
Dropout” number with Frankie Avalon. “I didn’t have to act. He was so gorgeous. I’m drooling looking at it now … I just remember his lips. He has the most beautiful lips. He still looks good!”

The mag also includes a look at where the “Grease” alumni are today.