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More ‘Doomsday Garage’ Rolling Our Way

doomsday garageViewers who want more of the jaw-dropping Bugout Vehicles seen on this week’s “Doomsday Garage” show on CMT will be glad to know exec producer Jason Morgan and his team are already in preproduction for a full series following father-son super customizers Zach and Jeff.  They’ll shoot this fall for probable first quarter 2014 debut.

Zach’s and Jeff’s  clients are people who want vehicles they can take off  and live in when natural disasters/terror attacks/economic collapse or other armageddonish circumstances befall us.  They include “a range of people, actually a lot of women – which is something a lot of people wouldn’t expect,” Morgan says.  “The way it’s been explained to me, in the world of preppers, you have people that are off the wall, but then you have regular people who just want to have a good plan and a good structure in place to make sure their family is protected.  And those families are driven by mothers who always want to have a backup plan.

As the producer explains, “You have a range of philosophical differences that lead to a range of vehicles.  You have those who have the philosophy that they don’t want to have to count on fuel, so they’ll  have like a hybrid you can completely customize and ‘Mad Max’ out to go 400-500 miles without a fill-up.”  Another group wants simple, extremely common Chevys, Fords and the like that are easy to find scrap parts for, and “that they can fix with whatever ‘MacGyvers’ they can come up with.”  There are those who want to go by boat, those who want solar panels and water filtration systems in their bugout vehicles to live off the land.  And there are those who want to be ready to take on mobs of thugs and rioters, such as the client who had Jeff and Zach mount a $17,000 50 caliber Browning machine gun on his vehicle, with special apparatus to prevent the very big gun (range: seven miles) from ripping the top off the vehicle when fired.

“Doomsday Garage” takes its subjects seriously, says Morgan, unlike documentaries he’s seen that accentuate the wackiest segment of preppers.  Zach, who has a background with the Marine Reserves, and his father have an wide array of military and other experts they tap for information to create their often futuristic machines.  The producer says doing the show has gotten him thinking.  “I’m originally from Chicago, I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 15 years — city born and raised. You kind of take for granted that anyone who thinks this way must be in the flyover states.  But in truth, the more you’re out there listening and learning, the more you think, ‘This is not a bad idea.’  It’s not bad to be prepared.”

No doubt the show, debuting tonight, will elicit all sorts of reaction.