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Tom Green Takes His Show World-Wide, Including War Zones

Tom Green

Tom Green has been doing his stand-up comedy thing all over the world this past year.  But no doubt his most recent foreign travel — touring military installations in Afghanistan this month — will continue to stand out in his mind ahead of other gigs.  “It was a  bizarre, surreal, exciting  experience,” he declares.

“You are very aware you’re in a war zone.  If you go to my website (tomgreen.com) you can see video, as we’re flying in a Chinook helicopter — see these guys hanging out the windows with machine guys, watching for missiles.   That was the most nerve-wracking thing to me — the helicopter.  It hugs the ground and it’s like a roller-coaster as they make combat-evasive maneuvers.”

“I went over with the Canadian military,” explains Tom, whose father was in the Canadian army through his growing-up years.  His biggest show was in Kandahar, performing before a crowd of Canadian, American, British and Australian troops.

Having toured Australia and the U.K. in recent months, he’s found scant need to tailor his material to fit different nationalities.  “We are living in a very connected world of very common experiences now,” he notes.

That’s a topic viewers are bound to see him touch upon this summer;  he has a new hour-long Showtime comedy special in the works, along with a documentary chronicling his travels.  Such a peripatetic life is the antithesis of the internet show he’s been doing the last four years or so from his own living room.

“Basically, that sort of led to this,” he says.  “I’ve been having so much fun doing the web show, which is very interactive, it seemed like a good time to take the show to everyone else and say hello.  Also, touring the world doing stand-up is something I’ve always wanted to do.  It’s a challenge for me to try to do this.  A couple of years ago I started writing and performing it…. I didn’t intend to be touring full-time for more than a year, but it becomes very addictive.”   Tom is headlining close to his L.A. home come April 8 and 9, at the Flappers Comedy Club.

MEANWHILE:  Followers of Tom’s web show will be interested to know he’s getting ready to move it out of his house and into a new facility.  “It was fun doing it there at first,”  he says.  But now, not so much.  He is also preparing to launch a new comedy website, Lafftube.com, with “live programming on all day” in addition to videos.  Along for the ride will be some current comedy podcasters Tom says he’ll help develop.