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Candace Bailey Having a Blast as ‘Attack of the Show’ Girl

Beautiful “Attack of the Show!” host Candace Bailey groans when asked if she gets to keep any of the dazzling array of new tech toys featured on the popular live G4 show.  “I wish!  It would be nice to have multiple flat screens,” she notes.  But she’s having a blast anyway. “It’s fun.  I get to look at all the gadgets.”

Bailey kept busy with acting gigs after her stint as a Nickelodeon “U-Pick Live” host – with her regular role on the series “Jericho” and numerous guestings.  “And then I thought, ‘Why am I not hosting anymore?  I should try to get back into it.”  Her appetite is certainly being satisfied now, with the four-night-a-week, hour-long comedy and news show aimed at gamers, digital media and pop culture enthusiasts.  She’s been cohosting since January, 2011 along with Kevin Pereira and Sara Underwood.  She’d like to do more acting, but the time demands of “Show” are pretty constant; their next “dark” week off isn’t until August.  Bailey says they generally do a table-read of the day’s material at 12:30, go into hair and makeup at three o’clock and go live at 4 Pacific.

“But we get three day weekends every week,” she notes.  Another plus:  she likes her cast mates.  “Kevin is such a giving host.  He’s so funny.  I like to laugh and he’s always cracking me up.”