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Reno Wilson Convinced Wedding Won’t Hurt ‘Mike & Molly’

Billy Gardell, Reno Wilson CBS photo

With just four more episodes to shoot  for this season, “Mike & Molly” is heading towards its highly-anticipated wedding episode.  In fact, there might be two weddings in the offing, if Joyce and Vince (Swoosie Kurtz and Louis Mustillo) also tie the knot.  Considering that the TV landscape is littered with the bones of series that jumped the shark after the main characters wed, is there concern about “M&M’s” handling of wedded life?

Not according to Reno Wilson.  “I just think it opens up so many more stories,” he says.  “They’ve got to get a place to live — or are they going to be married and stay in the house with her mom?  What about children?  You know, there are so many storylines with people on the show, honestly, in my opinion, it’s just going to add to it.”

Besides, adds the man known as Carl McMillan to “M&M” watchers, “As Billy (Gardell) and I always say: ‘Just say them words.’  We have the best writers in television, and we trust them fully.”

Wilson and Gardell, in case you didn’t know, have a friendship that dates back six years, to their former “Heist” series, before they were cast as best friends on the Mark Roberts-created “Mike & Molly.”  In fact, Wilson tipped Gardell to the sitcom when it was in the works.  After reading the first 10 pages of the script, he phoned Gardell and said, “This is our show.”  They also played pals on an episode of “Las Vegas” as big winners.  In real life, “Our kids are growing up together.  We shot a little movie with our kids.  We hang out at each other’s houses every so often and have barbeques.”

Meanwhile, there’s Carl’s own romance, with Holly Robinson Peete’s character.  “I’m really happy that Carl has love in his life.  It’s the first time he’s encountered an actual woman he doesn’t have to blow up, who doesn’t have a nozzle,” Wilson jokes.  “I really like that through this relationship, they’re showing other pieces of Carl, some sensitive sides, and where that bravado and machismo came from, that kind of insecurity.”  He’s also loving working with Peete.  “She’s a force of nature, all the things she does.”

AND:  Wilson doesn’t know when “Bolden!” — in which he plays the young Louis Armstrong — will be making its way to screen.  The film is about jazz legend Buddy Bolden (Anthony Mackie), and boasts a cast including Wilson, Omar Gooding and Jackie Earle Haley.  Wilson, who grew up in a household full of musicians, and reveres Satchmo, feels that “I did some of the best work of my career” in the film that was made three years ago, and has yet to see the light of distribution.  “I was doing a one-man show about him when I got this movie, this opportunity to play this icon,” says the actor, who performed seven songs for the film directed by Dan Pritzker.  “I try not to think about it too much.”

Holly Robinson Peete: ‘The Talk’ Dismissal ‘A Great Life Lesson in Picking Yourself Up’

Holly Robinson Peete back on daytime TV today with Nate Berkus

Holly Robinson Peete is glad to be back on daytime TV — even if it is just for one day — as she’s guest cohosting on “The Nate Berkus Show” today (11/14).  “If they’ll have me I will definitely return.  Nate is just such a cool guy, the funnest friend to have,” she says.

It wasn’t so long ago, of course, that Holly was a daytime regular, as part of the team on “The Talk” before her surprise axing from that show.  As followers of Holly’s know, she’s rebounded with a new recurring role on “Mike & Molly.”

“Just when you think you’ve kind of figured this stuff out, something happens and you realize you’re still learning things you thought you already knew,” points out the actress, who is also remembered for coming in a close second to Bret Michaels on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“My kids are like, ‘If you did your job and did everything you’re supposed to do, don’t you get to keep your job?’  They saw me working nights, preparing for the show.  They saw my total dedication,” relates the mother of four.  “This is a great life lesson about picking yourself up.”

There are also fans watching, she’s aware.  “It’s a total bigger picture.  There are lots of people losing their jobs through no fault of their own these days, and it’s tough.  It gets harder and harder to be patient, to say something better might happen, when you’re having to deal with the day-to-day realities of life.  That’s when your resolve has to get even steelier, if that’s a word.  I’m still hustling and grinding trying to figure out the best thing to do next.  I learned to do live daytime TV and that I’m pretty good at it.”

Holly says she learned resilience and perseverance from watching her own mother.  “We could start when she gets divorced and has no money, basically, $500, and is on her own — and she makes a trip from Philadelphia to Malibu of all places, in a beat-up Volvo.  She was like the black ‘Alice,’ this mom driving across the country, thinking she could break ceilings as a talent manager when she had all the chips stacked against her and knew, like, one and a half people in L.A.”

Holly was nine years old at the time, and saw her mother — well-known Hollywood dealmaker Dolores Robinson — find her way into the business and build a client roster including the likes of LeVar Burton and Michael Clarke Duncan.  She recalls: “I saw her get knocked down, but I always saw her get back up, and rebound in ways that she could say, ‘Thank God that happened.’  I didn’ t know I was learning lessons as a child, but I was.”

Holly — a.k.a. the wife of former pro quarterback Rodney Peete — tells us that she and Nate will be doing a football challenge on the show, and there’ll also be a bedroom makeover at the home of a family with an autistic child.  Holly’s No. 1 mission is helping kids with autism.  Son Rodney Jr., has the condition.