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Kathy Najimy Goes From ‘How to Fall in Love’ to Lift Up Your Skirt

Kathy Najimy admits she had some trepidation going into shooting of the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “How to Fall in Love,” premiering Saturday (7/21).

“I know they have guidelines for their channel that are really important to them, but I tend to improvise and all that.  But then I got there, and, after one day I was improvising and having a great time.”  She tells us that in one sequence, she is helping Eric Mabius’ character by pretending to be his blind date, “and he’s asking me what my hobbies are.  So every take I would go through a made-up list of hobbies” — ever more absurd.

The romantic comedy has Mabius as a former high school ugly duckling who hires the pretty and popular girl he had a crush on back in the day — Brooke D’Orsay — to help him shed his lingering wallflower ways.  It’s one of a string of projects for Najimy that includes the upcoming Barbra Streisand flick, “The Guilt Trip.”

Najimy and her husband and 15-year-old daughter made the move from L.A. to New York last year.  “I love New York so much it’s painful,” she says.  “I just adore it.”

She has a return to the stage in her sites.  “That’s where I come from with the Kathy and Mo show,” reminds the funny lady, who rose to fame with Mo Gaffney in the off-Broadway sensation that became an HBO hit.  “I’m writing a one-woman show right now for the New York stage.  It’s called Lift Up Your Skirt.  It’s not literally about lifting your skirt — it’s about being honest and putting everything out in the open.”

She’s workshopping the show, getting reactions and then “I rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.  It’s a process.  You have to do it.  I’d love to skip to opening night, but I’m just figuring out what I really want to say and why.  I’ve been on Broadway before and I’ve been off-Broadway, and there’s a reason I want to do this one-woman show,” she says.  “I don’t know if it will be quite what people expect, but I’m doing this one for me.”