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Hasselhoff Will Show Truth on Roast, Says Daughter Hayley

"Huge" cast ABC Family photo

David Hasselhoff is “over the moon” about his upcoming Comedy Central roast this summer.  That’s especially because, according to his daughter Hayley, “With all that’s come out, people think he’s so upset, but they’ll see he knows how to laugh about things, about making mistakes.  People don’t know that side of him.  He knows the truth.  The world will finally get to see my dad tell it his own way.”

As fans know all too well, Hasselhoff’s life has been fraught with trauma related to his very bitter divorce and to alcohol – including his reported hospitalizations for alcohol poisoning, as well as the notorious viral internet video shot by Hayley’s sister Taylor showing him drunk

Now, Hayley says that although she and Taylor – who are 16 and 20 years old, respectively – are too young to take part in the roast, “We’re trying to figure out some way to get into it.”

Meanwhile, the hugely personable “Huge” actress has much to be happy about with the ABC Family series that launched Monday amid a torrent of positive reviews.  She plays the beauty of the fat camp where the action takes place, the lightest of the heavy teens there, the opposite of rebellious Nikki Blonsky (“Hairspray”), who’s been sent to the camp against her will and is determined not to lose weight.

Hayley’s years as a plus-sized model, including serving as the face of the popular Torrid line, have brought her in contact with many plus-sized teens, and she sees the series as an extension to the positive image for non-skinny minis that she is interested in conveying.   “My dad says, ‘Wow, you need to thank God for everything coming together like this,’ because this is such an amazing path – a dream come true for me.”

They have one more “Huge” episode to shoot in the first set of 10.  At the same time, she and Taylor and David have been busy filming their A&E reality show for fall unveiling.  “Our family is open with each other and that’s good.  We’re ready to let the world in.  We already did a reality show in Europe last summer, so the cameras don’t faze us.  It’s a crazy and outgoing family,” she says.  “The greatest thing about our family is – there are so many things about us in the tabloids and other press, but we know how to make fun of it, push it aside and laugh.”

Ashley Tisdale

SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW:  Ashley Tisdale’s “High School Musical” spinoff movie, “High Stakes,” is just wrapping up shooting in Toronto, and it’s giving the much-in-demand cutie a chance to show another side of her talents.  Her young costar Bradley Steven Perry reports that fans will be seeing a new side of her spoiled rich girl character, Sharpay Evans, from the three “HSM” movies.  “There’s still the Sharpay attitude at the beginning of the movie, but by the end she’s much softer.”

Bradley also says his character “is her nemesis” – competing against Sharpay to get into a Broadway show – in the Disney Channel movie being produced by Tisdale.

“Ashley is great.  She’s so funny,” he says.  “Sometimes she comes out with Sharpay-like expressions without trying, she’s been doing this character for so long.”

Bradley Steven Perry

Bradley expects to return to work on “Good Luck Charlie,” on which he plays second son Gabe,  in September for season 2.   (A new episode is coming up July 11.)  The show’s title baby, one-year-old Mia Talerico, “is like an adult,” he tells us admiringly.  “”She’s not a twin.  It was kind of scary when we found out that there wasn’t going to be a backup baby.  If she threw a tantrum, everything would stop.  But she’s never once done that.  She’s been perfect.”

THE INDUSTRY EYE:  Tricky casting challenge on Gavin Polone’s movie showing the behind-the-scenes drama of making 1973’s landmark “An American Family” documentary series.  They need to find an actor who can play Dick Cavett in that  era when he was the intellectual choice for late night viewing.  Lance Loud – being portrayed by Thomas Dekker in the movie – notoriously guested on the old Cavett show.  Diane Lane and Tim Robbins play Lance’s parents.