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Miranda Cosgrove Talks Jack Black, Hot Messes and ‘iCarly’

Miranda Cosgrove Nickelodeon photo

Miranda Cosgrove plays a hot mess of a young star in the Nov. 16 episode of “The Good Wife,” a character who “ends up getting into a car accident one night when she’s drunk and can’t remember what happened,” reports the 17-year-old real-life star of Nickelodeon’s “iCarly.”   “She thinks it’s just going to be a DUI, but it ends up being attempted murder.”   angle

Cosgrove answers carefully when asked whether the problem girl was modeled after anyone we know.  “I didn’t play her thinking of any one person,” she says.  “Of course I’ve heard stories and stuff.  I really just read the script.”

Cosgrove’s foray into network drama comes the day before her Nov. 17 special double episode of “iCarly” — “iStart A Fan War” —  in which her “School of Rock” coast mate, Jack Black, comes aboard as guest star.  In the Comic Con-inspired episode, Cosgrove’s series brother, Jerry Trainor, and Black’s character are arch rival gamers.

“Everybody was really excited to get to work with him,” she asys.  “Jerry Trainor reminds me of Jack Black — they’re both so funny — and it was really cool to see them work together.  I loved seeing them sing a song in the episode.  They both dress up as their favorite characters in this World of Warlords game.”

Meanwhile, “In this episode, Carly is as crazy as everyone else.  Usually, she’s the grounded one in the middle of a crazy mess,” reports Miranda. She’ll also be seen with her new love interest — but as for whether the boyfriend will continue into next season, “That’s up in the air.”

Cosgrove famously signed a deal for 26 more episodes of the popular series in March (reportedly, she makes $180,000 per episode).  As far as growing weary of doing the show — she’s far from it, she says.  “I think I’m really lucky that I’ve been on ‘iCarly’ since I was 13.  We have the same writers, the same crew from the beginning.  It makes me feel really good to know they’re writing it, and they’re writing the character a little bit older.”

Besides, she’s branching out, even as she continues on “iCarly.”   Not only does she have “The Good Wife” episode, she’s also looking forward to doig more voice work in “Dispicable Me 2” — and, the multi- talented young woman just embarked on a holiday concert tour.