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Tom Selleck as Eisenhower

Don’t expect to see Tom Selleck diving into the political fray this election year.  “My plan at this point is just to be a good citizen and vote,” says Tom, “unless something strongly motivates me.  I don’t have any appetite for the kind of politics that says the sky will fall if you vote for the other guy.”

Selleck, a registered independent, remains active with the Character Counts Coalition that promotes childhood education in ethics.  And, he notes, “It has such a good bipartisan consensus — I try hard to be protective of that.  I got involved because of a hero of mine, Barbara Jordan,” he says of the liberal congresswoman/educator, who passed away in 1996.  “It was useful at the beginning that people perceived that we had opposite political points of view in order to build consensus.  Building consensus is a lot harder than going on the attack,” he adds.

Besides, says Selleck, “I don’t think it’s ethical to go out on someone else’s nickel and use the opportunity to air my political views.”

Right now, Tom’s busy tub-thumping for the DVD launch of his critically-lauded “Ike: Countdown to D-Day” A&E movie.  He received kudos for his solid performance as General Dwight D. Eisenhower in the grim time before D-Day in World War II.

He’s also getting ready to play small town police chief Jesse Stone in “Stone Cold” – which could become the first of a series of CBS films featuring the character created by Robert B. Parker, the author who also gave us Boston detective Spenser.

Plus, Selleck’s planning to saddle up and head into Louis L’Amour territory again, with the movie version of “The Empty Land.”  The project promises to re-team the group that did Tom’s “Crossfire Trail,” which became the highest-rated movie in cable television history.