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Jamie Kennedy Dreams of Romance and His Own Little Home Life

Jamie Kennedy Hallmark Channel photo

Funny man Jamie Kennedy admits that Valentine’s Day is having a strong impact on him this year.  That’s partly because he’s playing a finder of true loves working for Cupid, Inc. in the Feb. 11 Hallmark Channel movie, “Cupid.”  It’s also because the whimsical romantic comedy, in which he stars with Joely Fisher, has him thinking about matters of the heart.

“Turning 41 — not 40 — it’s been a turning point for me,” he lets us know.  “I’m probably going to want to be at a point where I get to come home and I’ve got a little woman there, and a little mini-me, you know, and maybe a little Pekinese.  I’d like to have Friday night pizza night — like we did when I was a kid growing up.  That was family night in our house.”

Since we haven’t seen Kennedy linked with anyone since he and former flame Jennifer Love Hewitt parted company, we wonder if he has someone specific in mind.

“If love is a box of chocolates,” he replies, “I’ve got a few pieces I’d like to nibble on.”

Jamie points out that his character in the movie not only helps people find their true loves, but realize “what’s important in life.  You know, the script is light, but it also has a good message that resonates.  I could relate to Joely’s character myself.  She’s a successful person in the entertainment business and she’s put all her eggs in the entertainment basket — and then she realizes she wants to share it with someone, and that the most important thing is human contact.  Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day — you want to cuddle.

“The greatest thing about this movie is, I’ve got a billboard right across the street from Jerry’s,” he adds — meaning that the industry types who hang out at Jerry’s Deli get to behold him, giant-sized, resplendent in his Cupid red suit and bow tie.

If the former “Jamie Kennedy Experiment” star and “Ghost Whisperer” cast member has his way, he’ll soon be back on the tube in a regular way.  He reveals that he’s just finished a comedy pilot, details of which he’s keeping under wraps.

“I love TV, man.  I love movies, too, obviously,” adds Kennedy, who has done plenty of them, including a role in Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds” drama, coming out Feb. 24.  “But TV is quicker.  You get to do your ideas and it keeps you out there.”