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Thomas Jane Re: ‘Hung’ 3D, Pricing, and a ‘Sexier, Funnier Season’

Thomas Jane is a proponent of 3D.  He made his “Dark Country” film in 3D.   And last week, he hosted the second annual 3D Film & Music Festival.  So it was only a matter of time before a cheeky TV station brought up the idea of “Hung 3D” — as in his ribald HBO series about an unusually well-endowed high school basketball coach-turned-male prostitute.

Jane laughs at the suggestion.  “Yes, if we ever do decide to do full frontal with Ray Decker, I think we should do it in 3D,” he dead-pans.  “Things look bigger in 3D.”

Jane confesses he is as surprised as anyone that the dark comedy is in its third season — which launches Sunday (10/2).  “I never expected this to go beyond one season, to tell you the truth.  But the chemistry between the actors — especially between me and Jane Adams — is really strong.   And the writing continues to be strong.  One of the questions that’s often asked is, how long can they keep this going?  I think the characters are complex enough and the relationships are deep enough that we can keep going and going.”  In fact, he says, “Now I’ve had so much fun making Season 3, I’m really hoping for a Season 4.”

To hear Jane tell it, Season 3 goes light on harsh reality compared to the show’s past.  “We started out with our heroes trying to make ends meet in unconventional ways and we got a lot of mileage out of that.  But by Season 3, the economy still sucks and we don’t want to talk about it all the time.  I think people don’t want too much of a downer. So we decided, ‘Let’s just have some fun.’  It’s a sexier, funnier, faster season and it’s my favorite season because of that.” 

This will also become the season “the cat’s out of the bag” in terms of Ray’s new profession becoming known to the people in his life, including his ex-wife (Anne Heche).

Ray’s clients are more attractive this season as well, something Jane says was a conscious choice.  One of the creative challenges of the series, it seems, is coming up with plausible reasons why a beautiful woman would “pay for the experience,” as Jane puts it.  Could be personal peccadilloes.  (“If you want to chase me through the park dressed as a cop, that’s what you get.”)  Could be wish fulfillment, such as his comely blond rich former student satisfying her schoolgirl crush at last.  Talk about fantasy time!

The star (whose divorce from Patrica Arquette became final in July) says that doing the show has impacted his own outlook on sex.  “As a man I’ve learned to sort of see the sexual experience through the eyes of a woman.  That’s where men and women, their wants and needs are different,” he notes.  “A man’s point of view is, ‘I’m going to meet this girl, go to dinner and then if I’m lucky go back to my house and get down to the business of [sex].  But there is a whole list of criteria for a woman to have sex with a guy.  Ray has to deliver a full-service package, almost like a boyfriend experience.  The woman wants to feel taken care of, to feel safe….It’s very elucidating.  Men are interested in this stuff, you know.  Men want to know how to satisfy a woman.”

But still, as far as what male viewers ask him about when he chats about the show at events and such, Jane says, “The most frequent question I get asked is, ‘How much?'” 

Okay.  So, how much?  “Six hundred bucks,” he answers.  “We’re in a depression, or it would be more.”